How to make Animated explainer video?

How to make Animated explainer video?

How to make an eye-catching animated explainer video?

In modern time, explainer video is the Best source for boosting the business. If you are going to pitch the business idea you will be benefitted a lot in your business. If you have explainer video in your hand you can show it in the meeting so that you can explain about your company/work in a better way.

Why the explainer video is beneficial in business?

Explainer video is beneficial in business whether it is Online or Offline. Suppose a customer sees on your website and he wants to in detail about the product or about the services which you are providing..  For this, he can know in detail through the animated video otherwise it will be a problem for him to ask for help from the person.

Now, there are many types of explainer videos, like-

  • How to place on order,
  • How to use our app.
  • How to use our website.
How to make Animated explainer video
How to make Animated explainer video

Now we come to the point that how the animated explainer video is made.

If you have some knowledge about the animation and have some knowledge of software like After Effect, you can make it easily with the help of this software.  If you don’t know about the animation, you can take the help from the website


or you can take our help by going on our website

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Now, we talk on how to start the animated explainer video step-by-step

1. Script: First of all, we make a script for the animated explainer video so that you can know what we are going to explain in our animated explainer video. You should keep in mind that your script should not be between 150 – 225 words for 60 to 90 sec. video as viewers do not take much interest if video is more than 90 sec.

2. Voice over: After making the video, you will have to require for voice over. If you have good voice you can make record your voice. If not, you can also avail the services of voice over artists on outsource basis. If you like, we can also help you in making the voice over from our voice over artists. By taking the help of voice over artist, it will be better due to pitch of the voice of the artist so that better impact will be on viewers/listeners. Voice over is an important part of the animated explainer video.

3. Storyboard: You should make a storyboard before making the animated explainer video. Storyboard is a rough diagram/picture of the product/service which you are providing. By the help of storyboard, you can imagine what scene you are going to shown and in what angle. It will be very useful in your planning.

4. Animation: Now, we come on animation. You will have to make an animated explainer video according to your requirement. You should keep in mind that viewers should not distract while seeing your video. The main purpose of the animated explainer video is that to present your message in a eye-catching way. After seeing the eye=cating video, viewers will take interest in your products/services.

5. Background music: This is also an important part of the animated explainer video. It is done after making the video. From the help of Background music, video gain hike. You should keep in mind when you require fast energetic music it should come and when you require slow music it should also come, as per your need. You can download these music from google Royalty free website.

6. Sound effect: You should keep in mind the timing of the sound, when your character comes on the screen then sound should be there and when you require pop up of circle then effect of popping should come so that it leaves good impact and video looks very nice.

Now, your video is ready.  You should not forget to mention your business details at the end of the video so that after seeing the video, customer can contact you by e-mail or phone.

An animated explainer video can boost your business upto 47%

Styles of Animated Explainer videos:

      1. 2D animated explainer video
      2. 3D animated explainer video
      3. Whiteboard animated explainer video
      4. Motion Graphics explainer video
      5. Typography animated explainer video.
      6. Stop motion explainer video.

We are providing you the sample of each video, as mentioned below.

Hope, you will like this article – How to make an animated explainer video for your business.  If you like this article, kindly share with your friends/acquaintances so that they can also avail the benefit of animated explainer video.

How to make Animated explainer video
How to make Animated explainer video

If you want more details about the animated explainer video, you can see our other articles.

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