How to Increase Brand Awareness of your business via Explainer Video?

Today, in the marketplace, it is very necessary to build your own Brand.  Suppose, you are an individual and you are working for many hours a day and charge XYZ amount from your client that is good.  But, suppose if you are a Brand, then the same client or big client give you 3 times more amount for that particular work. So, in this article, we share some knowledge regarding ”How to Increase Brand Awareness of your business via Explainer Video.” 

What is Brand Awareness?/ What is Branding?

Brand Awareness means whenever you think something in the mind a company’s name comes automatically in your mind. For example, Whenever you want to eat noodles in your mind. Maggi yellow packet
Automatically Come. This is called Branding.What is Branding?

How to Increase Brand Awareness of your business Tips:

Now, you should know how it can be possible.

So, here is an example.

A normal man buys a wallet from the local market, it costs around $15 and the same wallet purchased with Branded showroom it costs around $90.

And if we go in more detail we will find……..

The reputed company sells a wallet in $45 as the quality is good and they established their Brand.

and again if we go one step ahead, we are talking about ..Bigger Brands, they are selling the same quality wallet in $550…….Hahaha!

Yes, it is real and the level of the quality and fabric are the same.  Everything is the same because both are established companies.

The only difference in BRANDING is there.

If you establish a business with Brand, your appearance will look special, professional. People do not buy the product, people but the Brand.

For example, if you run a business of Gift items and suppose your product range is $40 average.  Our motto is that somehow or other we should increase the range from $40 to $90 of the same item.  It is possible only when we do Branding.  Nowadays Branding change the game, and if you are doing business without Branding it is a waste of time.

Solution: How to Increase Brand Awareness of your business via Explainer Video?  

Until now, you read about the problem but what is the solution…….

Now, I am guiding you step by step.

Nowadays, it is very necessary to tell many persons about product….via social media.

You must post the video on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…..These videos will be Animated Explanatory videos which will also work round the clock even in absence of you.  The type of videos will explain to customers about the product and these are called Explainer videos also.  

You can send the video to your clients on Whatsapp, Social media, E-mails.  These videos are so eye-catching that they attract all the viewer’s attention.  And as you know if your customers listen about your business or product properly then they convert into customers.  Then the whole game is change……..

Explainers videos are of following types:

2D Animated Explainer Videos

The 2D explainer video is basically an animation in which some cartoon characters appear and act as per the script and text come,  sometimes characters walk, move, etc. This is a really fun element.  This style grabs people’s attention and people are happy to see this type of video style even 2-3 times and also send it to other persons. So, 1st thing is to grab the attention of the audience and 2nd thing is to cut down the marketing cost.  

Whiteboard Animated explainer video.

In this style, a hand appears on the screen and makes some graphics and write the text.  This seems that someone is teaching you on the whiteboard.

This type of style is also very popular.  But, these are liked generally in E-learning areas as people see it carefully and understand.

Motion graphics video

In this style, there are graphics like icons, texts, etc. and our message is shown through motion.  These are called Motion graphics animated videos.  There are fewer animated characters in motion graphics animation.  

Infographics video

In these types of videos, there are graphics only but they are not in detailed characters and are only in silhouette characters.   

Typography Animated Explainer video

In this type of video,  there is text only.  But after setting up the text, we give them a good looking presentation. And we tell about our ideas only by animated text.  There is no character in this video and very fewer icons so such types of videos are called Typography Animated videos.

Live-action Explainer Video

In this type of video, a man acts like in shooting by a camera, and then the graphics are shown nearby the man who is acting according to the script. This Kind of style called Live-action animation video.

So basically in the above 2 styles are popular (2D explainer video OR Whiteboard animation)

I hope that you will fully understand what type of video will suit to your business and how they can increase in Branding of your business.  These videos are made keeping the colors theme in mind.  Even some companies get their mascot made. The benefit for such type of mascot is that if once it sets in viewers’ mind it sets your Branding.

For example, The boy of 7up is a good example.  Whenever you see him it automatically Cold drink (Green Bottle ) set in your mind.

How to Increase Brand Awareness of your business via Explainer Video?
How to Increase Brand Awareness of your business via Explainer Video?

Business without Branding is a waste of time.  If you see our website, the color of our website is orange and we have made the home page of our website in a good style.  This is a part of Branding.

Make Brand. Increase your sales.. and Get more customers.

Branding one feels more professional and everybody loves professional and sophisticated person and product.

Do send your comments, we read all the comments sent by you.

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