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What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are short videos which are used to describe a company’s product or service. These are videos which are typically under 2 minutes and are used by the brand to attract the customers. In this era of machines when people have not time to read a quick video gives a good idea of the product and convinces the customers to purchase according to their needs.

Explainer video


Explainer video companies

An explainer video company is a production team which creates the best video for the product or the service. From research to execution, the company is responsible for everything in the process of producing an explainer video. Explainer videos can be made through animation, motion graphics, live action, claymation, whiteboard animation or screencast videos. This depends on what kind of product or service has to be explained.

The production house has to begin from the two parts of the videos: the problem and the solution. But it indeed takes a lot to make a proper, informative yet brief explainer video to complete the purpose.  Once the product or service is in hand an idea can be developed on the basis of which  a screenplay can be created.  The production has to decide on what kind of explainer video will suit and explain the product or service the best.

First explainer video

Common Craft was the first company which had created an explainer video in 2007.The team at Common Craft had created the video for marketing as well as educational and instructional purpose. Later various explainer video companies came up and started to develop more instructional and creative explainer videos. This helped to enhance the marketing campaigns. A survey has mentioned that more than 80 percent of the businesses which are based in the US, have produced an explainer video for their websites.

Today there are several production companies which produce explainer videos for the products and brands. These companies take up the responsibility to create a video which introduces the product or service to the common man. For this the production house has to make sure it has all the information about the product and is aware of all the characteristics and features of it. It has to make sure that the duration of one to two minutes is enough to narrate all the basic features and information about the product and also convince the viewers of the video to trust the product and the brand no matter how old or new it is. These days there are also options where you can create your own explainer videos with the help of software available online but it is always better to take professional help so as to make a proper explainer video which will have all the essential factors needed.

Explainer video


A properly produced explainer video helps the upcoming business owners to know how many visitors of their website can actually turn in to customers. Most of the businesses keep a track of which products are more popular, but an explainer video allows the business owners to know about the potential customers interested on the product as it displays the number of views on each video. These days more and more businesses are using the social platform for spreading the name of their businesses. Here media like videos and images are more effective, so a good explainer video which is interesting can be shared by many which can then form a network.

The explainer video companies have to make sure that they help to generate enough interest of the customers.  A properly produced explainer video can force people to share and recommend the product to other circles as well.

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