How much cost comes in whiteboard explainer video of 1 min

How much cost comes in whiteboard explainer video of 1 min

Explainer videos have gained a lot of popularity around the globe and enterprises – small or big have made them an integral part of their marketing campaign which helps them in boosting their brand awareness among people.

In the age of digital media, millions of new people are coming to the internet for the first time and this market is endless to get recognition as it has no boundaries or restrictions.

To make a strong online presence, it takes some innovative ideas and out of all these techniques, one concept which has evolved a lot iswhiteboard explainer videos.

Explainer videos are the short videos that explains the products and services of a company and promote them. They serves a very simple solution for the complex problems.

Before getting into getting a whiteboard explainer video for the business, it becomes really important to check that which style of explainer video should be used for website, what should be the ideal length and what should be the correct budget for the video.

While creating any whiteboard explainer video, the budget is the most significant factor which is required to be considered by the company as the video is very costly and in many cases, due to its high cost, start ups and business with limited budget don’t use them on their website.

Cost of whiteboard animation video for 1 minute

To create an effective and efficient whiteboard video, a team of experts is required who are not only professional but also have the ability to think out of the box ideas for each problem statement.

When it comes to generalized solutions, a whiteboard explainer video is of 60 seconds in length and the solution is served in this duration. The time period may vary from product to product.

When all the arrangements are made, from script to music, to sound to animation, the average cost that turns out for an explainer video comes around $1500 to $!5000. However, if the team chosen is highly professional and reputed, the budget increases up to $20,000.

The figure depends on various factors which includes the quality of work, customization, details, experience level and how demand the producer is getting in the market.

The reason that the cost of one minute explainer video is so high, it is because that creating an explainer videos is not easy like bread and butter. To create an amazing and effective whiteboard video, it takes around 8 to 12 weeks in general and the whole task is divided into a number of stages.

The stages in which explainer video is divided

  1. Scripting and Research
  2. Illustration and style
  3. Storyboarding
  4. Voice over
  5. Animation
  6. Sound effects and music


It takes more than 1 week to accomplish each of the task alone and takes a lot of efforts to complete each of the stage according to the product and audience to be targeted.

Whiteboard explainer video company
Whiteboard explainer video company

However, the price of these videos can be brought down to a low level. In order to do so, either the quality of the video is compromised or free lancers are hired. In that situation, some of the tasks are accomplished by the business team itself like script writing, voice over and the promotions too. In those cases, the price of a whiteboard explainer video gets up to $600-$800, which is very affordable when compared to other cases.


In the case of explainer videos, the business gets according to the investment they put in. It’s pure quality and effectiveness of the videos which turns fruitful later on.

whiteboard explainer videos when created effectively are very fruitful for the companies but are very costly as well. 1 min video costs around $1000 to $10,000

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