Animated Whiteboard Animation company

Animated Whiteboard Animation company

What is whiteboard animation?

In the age of digital media, when lots and lots of people are coming online for the very first time, it becomes the need of hour to be flexible and innovative to make a strong online presence so that more people can be targeted towards the brand and the awareness can be raised.
In the past couple of years, the methods to attract online visitors have varied in many forms and one of the methodology which has become very popular is explainer videos. Animated Whiteboard Animation company.

Animated Whiteboard Animation company
Animated Whiteboard Animation company

Explainer videos are the short videos which are used to explain the products cum services of a company to the people in a sober way. The attribute which makes these videos attracting is that they reduces the complexity of a concept which the user faces while understanding it and serves a simple solution to them. These videos are informative and entertaining which make them stand out among all their competitors.
Though there are many types of explainer videos present, one of the special type which has been used widely and attracted a huge section of audience in whiteboard animation videos. Animated Whiteboard Animation company.

Some video sample:

The whiteboard animation is a method in which a story consisting pictures and objects are drawn on a whiteboard by the artists and the whole process is recorded using the video camera. These videos are used on a larger scale on TV and internet media.
In the past couple of years, the whiteboard animation have gained a lot of popularity and gave the liberty to the organizations to be bold and give them their own choice to spread their message in their own which way.
To make the whiteboard animated video delightful, the actual effects are shown in the form of time-lapse or stop motion.
There are many software and tools available which are used to create some awesome whiteboard videos.

Software to make whiteboard animation are

1. GoAnimate
2. Video Scribe
3. PowToon

These videos are not only used to demonstrate the services of a company to its customers, but also used to train the employees of the organization and spread the social messages on various theme based events.

Some of the terminologies which are associated with this domain are animated doodling and video scribing. As the technology has evolved, it has become easy to use the advance software hence, this concept has taken a whole new dimension in itself.

Advantages of Whiteboard Animation

1. They are fun – If the tools are used in a correct manner, they are very entertaining for the viewer and serves the message in effective way too.
2. Flexible in Nature – The best point about these videos is that they can be placed anywhere on the web and hence are highly flexible in style.
3. Memorable – When the customer likes the video, it becomes natural for him to remember the company and its products and from here, the trend begins.
4. It becomes easy for the prospects to evangelize the products and services of the company which leads to the increase in brand awareness.
5. The most important reason to use these videos is that they will increase the conversion rate of the company to a significant level.

Top Companies which produce Whiteboard Animated Videos

There are many companies all around the world which create some of the most amazing and effective whiteboard animation videos and helps their clients in achieving their business targets.
Some of the top companies are –
1. Epipheo –
2. Y Draw –
3. Again Studios –
4. Demo Duck –
As the technology is changing at a fast pace, the whiteboard animation will become more charming in the coming time.

Whiteboard animation is used to explain the concept to its viewer in a simple yet entertaining way. In whiteboard animation, objects are drawn on whiteboard and the whole process is recorded. Animated Whiteboard Animation company.

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