How does animated explainer video company help to startup

How does animated explainer video company help to startup

As the number of internet users are increasing at a rapid pace, the trend of the start up culture has also increased a lot and the world has seen a huge amount of startup coming up in the last 1 decade.

The Silicon Valley was considered to be the heaven for start ups but the dynamics have changed after PM Narendra Modi in India has initiated the movement ‘Start Up India – Stand Up India”, the culture in the India have completely changed and now more people are coming forward to do a start up instead of going for a regular job.

But having a startup does not make great things. The real challenge start there onwards. One of the primary challenge is showcasing the concept to the people in the most correct manner so that they can connect to them and give them a reason that why they should try their services and return to them.

One of the marketing strategy which helps the startup to advertise their concept in a friendly manner is explainer videos.

An explainer video is a short length video which is made for the purpose to ‘explain’ the concept of the company to the people and promote their products and services so that more and more people can come to know about the company and their idea.

These videos not only educates the people about the concept of the startup but also entertains them which urges them to try the services of the startup as they create a strong connection between the user and the company which later on helps them in turning into potential customers.

How does animated explainer video company help to startup
How does animated explainer video company help to startup

How the explainer videos company help startups

  1. Simplify the introduction of products cum services

As the online visitor find so many articles on internet to surf, it becomes hard for the brand to catch the attention of the viewer with ease by placing text and images only. Hence the visual content with the auditory sense turns out to be very handy for the startups.

The explainer video provides a “what’s in it for me” question to the viewer and embraces him towards the video and the explainer video serves the message to the viewer in the most cherishing way. A resonant and call to action message will compel the viewer to dig into the details and leave a mark in the mind about the concept and the startup.


  1. Improved SEO and better search results

Google is the number one search engine and YouTube ranks 2 in search engines, this shows that how much power Google alone holds and it becomes essential to rank better in search queries posted on them. The emphasis is given to make the results covering your links on the search results and the explainer videos helps a lot in the process. According to the latest algorithm released by Google, it explains that websites with plain content does not ranks well in the search results as the audience not like the traditional content as they don’t entertain them anymore and thus the websites with interesting videos moves up in the search rankings.


  1. Increased conversions

According to many studies, it has been revealed that the websites experiences a boost in their sales when they post quality video about their concept. The startup conceives an average of 10% to 50% increment in their conversions after using the explainer videos in their advertising strategy.


These are all the primary benefits which any startup gets after using the explainer videos in their business. But all these facilities are availed to them if they use the resources and tools to the optimum level.


Explainer videos are a very powerful medium for the startup to boost their business and take it to the new level of success but they used be should at an optimum level.

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