What is the handcraft explainer video

What is the handcraft explainer video

In the age of digital world, the way the online media aka the virtual world has grew a lot and expanded its wings largely. Today, the internet is used by almost 2 billion people and the number is increasing rapidly.

The platform of the internet is also used by the companies at a large scale to promote their business and create a dominating online profile about themselves and the activities happening inside their work. Also, the dawn of internet has given the rise of increased competition among companies which has made necessary for them to figure out innovative and smart concepts using which they can get better of their competitors and extent their stretch of reaching to new people and finding valuable customers.

In the process of this, the concept of explainer videos have become very popular and emerged out as the preferred choice for marketing for the organizations – large or small.

An explainer video is a short length video which is used to explain the concept of a company and advertise its products and services. These videos are also known as home page videos or landing page videos.

One of the primary attribute of these videos which make them so popular is that they serve a simple solution to the complex problems and that too in an entertaining manner and that is the reason that they can easily catch the attention of the viewer and thus ending up engaging a huge audience with ease.

When it comes to the production of the explainer videos, there are many styles to choose from.

Animated explainer video company in India
Animated explainer video company in India

Some of the best styles of the explainer videos are

  1. 2D animated videos
  2. 3D animated explainer videos
  3. Live action explainer videos
  4. Stop motion explainer videos
  5. Whiteboard animation explainer videos
  6. Motion graphics explainer videos

These are some of the top explainer videos. But there is another type which is known as “Handcraft Explainer Videos”.

Whiteboard Animation Showreel:

Explainer Video Showreel:

Our Company Explainer video:

Handcraft explainer videos

Handcraft explainer videos are those in which all the animated work is done manually using the hands on a paper and then scanned digitally and then processed on the computer to integrate animation into the video to create the storyboard for the client.

This method is very popular in many parts of the world and in India, Again Studios is the company which works actively with such technique and are getting lots of success as well.

The best part about the handcraft explainer videos is that the characters and objects which are used in them are very beautiful and looks amazing on screen. Also, the client can actively participate in the process and give his ideas and feedback to the creator to make the things better.

However, one drawback that exist with the handcraft explainer videos is that they are very time consuming and are costly as well when finance is concerned. As the whole objects and characters are drawn using manual methods hence required an expert artist. Also after completion of this stage, they require digital scanning and then operated on the various tools and software so that they can be synchronized with the videos. All these tasks take a lot of time than the automation task.

However, the hard work pays as well and the handcraft explainer videos brings lot of traffic on the blog of the company and gains lots of views when video is shared on social media or YouTube.

Also, when used in an effective manner, these videos bring a conversion rate of around 10% to 50% for their clients.

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the explainer videos are used by the companies at a large scale to increase their brand value and boost the sales. Handcraft explainer videos helps the brands in achieving this goal. Read more about the handcraft explainer videos.

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