Are explainer videos popular throughout the world

Are explainer videos popular throughout the world

It is true that the industrialization and globalization has increased a lot and has connected the whole globe under one unit and is expanding with the passage of time. With the evolvement of internet, the things have become better and allowed people to get socialize and expand the scale of their business.

But as the things and the process to do business have become easy, the competition has risen a lot in the past couple of decades. Especially with the dawn of the entrepreneurship and startup culture, things have become typical at the backend and the craze of these things is best seen in the youth.

Hence it has become essential for the companies – established and newbies to try something different so that they can pave their path and increase the reach to the audience, spread the word about the concept and find more customers.

explainer video company
explainer video company

In the quest to achieve this, many innovative and technical marketing strategies have been implemented by the companies all over the globe and have turned fruitful for them.

One of such advertising strategy is the video marketing. Video marketing is the process of incorporating the videos in the business plan of a company and demonstrating the business of the organization to the people with the help of a video.

The video marketing domain is very vast and is used at a large scale. In the video marketing concept, the process of explainer videos is very popular among the brands and are also loved by the audience a lot.

What is Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short length video which is used to explain the concept of a company and promote its products and services to the people in order to get new and potential customers.

These videos are also known as the home page video and the concept was first seen back in 2007. Twitter hired a company called Common Crafts which produced the explainer video for the micro-blogging giant and it became an instant hit and ended up getting more than 10 million views.

Since then, the explainer videos have grew a lot and earned lot of popularity in different parts of the world.

Scope of Explainer Videos

The explainer videos attracts the attention of the viewers easily and thus engages a huge audience with ease. These videos work on the concept of brain science and integrate the auditory and visual senses in them.

Today, many top publishing houses are actively working on this domain and helping their clients across the globe to achieve their business targets.

These explainer videos not only help the companies in increasing their brand value, but also emphasizes the user to try the concept of the company by purchasing their products. That is the reason that these videos are so effective and efficient in nature. In a study, it has been found that on using the explainer videos at an optimum level, they help in boosting the sales of the company by a factor of 10% to 50% which is remarkable.

The concept is widely used in countries like USA, South Africa and Europe and is growing a lot in India. Some of the top companies which are dominating this industry are Epipheo, Demo Duck, 75 Seconds and many more. Epipheo is leading the business and has outplayed all the top companies. It has got all the top notch brands as their clients such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, 3M, Nike, Mercedes and so many more.

The scope of these videos are very vast and is growing a lot and are popular all over. The youth is also getting towards it and is becoming famous as the new choice of a career.


Explainer videos are popular all around the world. The companies prefers these videos than any other option as these videos engages the viewers and connects them with the company. Read about the popularity of the explainer videos.

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