Explainer videos for website landing page

It is essential that you impress your customers for just a minute by explaining your ideas.  But, nowadays it is not easy to impress your customer as the time is of Online so you are unable to meet your customer directly. The customers come to your website and if nobody attends them then all the business owners require Explainer videos for website landing page so whenever any customer comes he can be attended by landing page video.

So, what are Explainer videos for the website landing page?

These are the videos that you put on the landing page of your website.  As soon as the client visits your page these videos start to run and began to explain the ideas and without any problem, customers come to know about your product.  This is really awesome….is it not?

Explainer videos for website landing page
Explainer videos for website landing page

It has been by surveying that by the help of Explainer videos, you can get increment in your business up to 70%, it is really a good thing.

And you can also see that someone visits your website and your website starts talking to your customer. 

”like –  Hello Sir!  Welcome to our website.  Kindly check our products which are available at very reasonable rates and are so cool.  We will also give you support for one year so the customer will definitely love it and if you can get the ideas to understand to your customers they will purchase your product within a minute.”

I hope, the above information is very clear to all of you and it will be very helpful.  Now, some questions arise.  which generally website owners are keeping in search on Google which is as follows:

Why should I need an Explainer Video for my landing page?

Explainer the video explains your ideas 24×7 automatically so these explainer videos work for your landing page. customer come and the website automatically delivers your ideas. 

How cool is that….. I hope you may have received the answer.

What are the charges for the Landing page video?

Generally, it depends on the quality of the video.  Some companies charge $900 to $1400 for 1 min. video only. It is a high price but we can deliver the explainer video for 1 min. in just $450.  Order today and see the fantastic results by increasing sales.

What kind of Explainer video is good for my website landing page?

There are many types of videos that have the style of Live action, whiteboard, motion graphics, 2D Explainer video.  

Nowadays the 2D Explainer video is in trend because this is very colorful and everybody likes colorful cartoons.

So, most of the website owners search this style on a regular basis.  

What is the process of making an Explainer video for the website landing page?

At the start, we require a script on which the video is going to be made.  So, we discuss it with the website owner for about 30 min. on the phone or Skype to understand the product or service of the party.  Once, we are ready with the script, we show it to our client.  And after getting the approval from him we proceed further for the storyboard.  The Storyboard is a rough plan to explain how the video will look.

Storyboard Design Company
Storyboard Design Company

And after getting the approval of the storyboard, we proceed for animation work with regular updates and share our ideas and also keep in mind the client’s suggestions.  In this way, we proceed for the finalization of the storyboard.

In my opinion, this is a very good practice which we have been following for the last 10 years with our clients with regular updates on each and every stage………Right?

And after getting the approval of a rough storyboard from the client’s side, we proceed for the final storyboard. Once it is complete we show it to the client.  

This is the stage where your video is ready in still form….. Okay.  So that you can easily understand about your video that how the video will look after finishing it and also about the colors and text on video.

Comic Design Company
Comic Design Company

After getting your approval for the storyboard, we proceed for animation work.

We deliver the video within 10 to 15 days if your video is of 1 min. And if the video is of 2 min. then we take the delivery time 20 days. 

5 best examples of Explainer videos for the website landing page.

We are going to tell you about 5 types of best explainer videos for your website landing page which is in the trend nowadays.

1. Live-Action Website Landing Page:

In this video, there are no animated graphics, only one person for Live-action who delivers your message, and further, your video can be made more beautiful by making icon pop up, text animation, and changing in Background.  This is the best example which we had made for our client and our client put it on his website landing page and he generated a huge revenue by it.

2.  2D animated Explainer video Website Landing Page:

In this video, there is an animation of cartoon characters and this type of Explainer videos are eye-catchy.  These are very popular videos.  We, ourselves have put the An explainer video on the landing page of our website.  You can check it.

3. Whiteboard Website Landing Page: 

In this video, a hand appears and draws the text, picture, and voice over also come behind Background.

This style is liked by many of the website owners.  This is also in trend.  We are adding good examples as mentioned below.  We have also added some color for doing new on the whiteboard.  This is also called a colorful whiteboard explainer video.

4. Motion graphics style for Website Landing Page: 

This type of video character animation is used very less.  The motion is given in graphics only.  So, this type of video is called motion graphic Website Landing Page.

This a good example of the video which we have made for one of our clients.

5. Typography video style for Website Landing Page:

This type of style is not very popular but those who like it use it.  In this style, the text is used with animation, and text appears as per voice over and which shows all the information about the video.

It is called a typography video for the Website Landing Page.

We are experts in this field.  You can contact us for making your Explainer videos for website Landing Page.

Explainer videos Website Landing Pages are an excellent way to attract clients.  If this article helps you in any way, kindly give your comment in the comment box.

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