explainer videos company increase the sales

Explainer videos company increase the sales

Are explainer videos increase the sales @60% and if yes, by what way

The way time has progressed in last two decades, the process to do the business has completely changed. Earlier there were times when the companies always focused the offline marketing strategies and targeted to reach people in personal. Although the process was effective but also required lots of human resource and financial investments.

But in the age of digital media, the organizations have understood the importance of making a transition in their marketing plan and captured the online market in an effective manner.

In this process, the digital marketing and the video marketing domains have risen a lot and have become the primary marketing strategy for the enterprises.

If we consider the video marketing, in this the concept of a company is promoted with the help of a video. Since the video marketing domain is very vast and inculcates many styles, its explainer video theme is the widely used by the companies and have turned out to be the most effective one.

What is explainer video

An explainer video is a short video which is used to explain the concept of the company to the people and promote its products and services to target more people and get new potential customers.

The concept was first seen almost a decade back when Twitter hired a company called Common Craft which created the explainer video for them. The video showed how to use the micro blogging giant in an optimum manner which was one of the stepping stone for them. The video got more than 10 million hits.

Since then, the concept emerged out as a boom for the organizations – small or big and they started using at a big scale to promote their business and improve their brand value.

How explainer videos helps in increasing sale by 60%

It is the most shocking but the true case study. Companies do all the hard work to make their business go and get more sales but still experiences an increment of 8%-10% in their business.

However, in many of the case studies and surveys, it has been revealed that if the tools and resources are used in an effective and efficient way, these videos helps the brand in getting in boosting their conversions up to 60% which is an astonishing figure.

The reason behind such amazing response from the explainer videos is that these videos allows the user to engage with the company at a big scale and connects them in a better way.

These videos eliminate the complexities from the company profile which any user finds when they visit the official blog. They server a very simple solution to the people about the products and services which clarifies all their queries and gives them the strong reason that why they should purchase the services from the brand.

The explainer videos brings more people to the company and initiate the engagement among them on the social media, official website and the YouTube channel which leads to getting the content viral and thus more people gets a chance to know about them and more chances arise that their sales will increase.

There are many companies in the world such as Demo Duck, Epipheo from USA and Zynosure from Dubai have continuously brought more than 60% conversions for their clients hence these production houses are the most rated one all around the globe.

That is the primary factor which makes these explainer videos so successful and helps the companies in their sales increment up to 60%.


Explainer videos helps the companies in increased sales of up to 60% due to their viewer engagement quality and they provide solid reason to people that why they should make conversions.

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