explainer video production house in india

Explainer video production house in india

The concept of explainer video production house in india has dominated the market since its arrival and has attracted millions of brands to use it to promote their business in the digital world. A short, entertaining and informative video attracts billions of viewers across the globe, engages them and gives them a reason to look at the products cum services of the company. And the best part of the explainer video is that they have got recognition from the projects of the world’s leading brands like Google, Microsoft, Facebook as they have also used them in the marketing strategy.

But, the concept of explainer videos is in its early days as there are millions of brands and companies which are still to use it and explore the new horizons of marketing. The concept of explainer videos has not gain much popularity as of yet and is at a nascent stage currently. India has got a very bright future in the field of explainer and animated videos as the majority of the people are youth and with the passage of time, the mentality of Indian youth has shifted to getting creative and bold from being fixed in their nutshells.

explainer video for website
explainer video for website

Over the past couple of years, there have been many start ups in the explainer video domain and have produced some significant amount of work for their customers which has helped them to grow a lot as their conversion rate has improved by a decent factor.

Some of the amazing explainer video production house in india are

  1. 75 Seconds – 75seconds.com – h3

A company which got into this kind of business by accident has emerged out to be one of the best production house in India who are producing some amazing and high quality videos for their client. They have produced more than 150 unique explainer videos till now and their USP is being cost effective so that everyone who is in business can afford it to grow in their work.

They work with a fixed strategy which includes:
a) Unlimited Revision

  1. b) Fixed Deadline
  2. c) Fixed Pricing
  3. d) Direct Expert Contact
  4. e) End to End Service
  5. f) Commitment to Service

Their team always stays motivated and the will to do better helps them in moving forward.


The company has also got their offices in USA and Europe as well and has got clients from across the world.

Connect to 75 Seconds –
40/231, LGF
C.R. Park, New Delhi, India


  1. Crazy Heads – crazyheads.com

An Award winning digital media agency – this is the tagline of this startup which has rocked the explainer video concept in India. They are a creative studio who have even attracted TED to become their client with their quality and amazing work.

The USP of Crazy Heads is the understanding of the design. They even brag about this fact and the result can be seen even on their portal. The crazy heads have beautifully created their website, explaining each of their service with elegance.

The founders of this start up, VaibhavSisinty and VineetGanti founded it in their 3rd year of engineering in Vishakhapatnam and did lots of hard work to make crazy heads what it is today.

They focus on their work, its quality and keeps a check point whether their efforts are helping out their clients need or not or they need to improve. These consistent efforts have made them feature in prestigious national daily The Hindu and The Times of India.
Get in Touch:

Crazy Heads Studio
Sri Narag Colony, Dwarka Nagar
Rama Talkies Road
Vizag, 530013, India


Start ups like Crazy Heads and 75 Seconds will help India to take explainer videos to new heights and motivate other budding entrepreneurs and students to showcase their designing skills. explainer video production house in india


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