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What is Video Explainer Company

It is a well-known fact that change is the only constant thing in this universe and this fact is applicable to all the objects in the world. Similarly, keeping this thought in mind, the arena to deliver the message to demonstrate the product cum services to the audience has changed a lot in the past years.

From the period when the business has shifted online, one of the most conventional method to explain the product and services to the people was the content and images, but as the time has progressed, a new concept took birth and better known as Explainer Videos.

An explainer video is the video filled with fun and is short and informative and lasts up to 2-4 minutes.   Explainingit further in layman language, they are meant to ‘explain’ how do one accomplish a task quickly and everyone can understand it in the easiest manner possible.

explainer video for website
explainer video for website

Video Explainer Company

To create some of the amazing and fun videos, there exists some amazing companies who are the forces behind the accomplishment of these explainer videos.

Video Explainer companies consists of the team of professionals who undertakes the projects of creating the explainer videos for various brands to showcase the products and services.

The first work which came into limelight was almost a decade back when micro-blogging website Twitter elaborated its use through a video explainer and that was created by a company called Common Craft. The video became an instant hit and got more than 10 million views and helped Twitter to grow a lot.

Following the footsteps of Twitter,it has become a trend that all the companies – small or big; have started to create a video which has helped them in increasing their brand awareness and made them increase their conversion rates to expand their business.

How Video Explainer Company Works

The companies who are working hard to create such amazing explainer videos works on the phenomena of brain science. Brain science conveys the idea that if resources are used in a correct manner, video is the best fit to convey information as it engages both visual and auditory senses. It is very similar to designing yet differs by a big margin.

The unique attribute of the video explainer companies are that they are very short, animated and their goal orientation is simple – to make understand. The use of simple yet entertaining visuals with clear language and demonstrates the ideas, products, projects in such a way that it catches the attention of viewer and bounds him to view the concept.

How a Video Explainer Video is Made

It takes 6 stages for an explainer video company to create a beautiful explainer video –

Stage 1 – Research and Scripting
Stage 2 – Style and Illustration
Stage 3 – Storyboarding
Stage 4 – Voiceover
Stage 5 – Animation
Stage 6 – Sound Effects and Music

Top video explainer companies around the world

  1. Big Drop Inc
  2. Simple Story Video
  3. Video Chef
  4. Again Studios
  5. Media Whale
  6. Studio B Films
  7. Polygon Visuals
  8. Dreams Animation
  9. 75 Seconds Video
  10. Epic Video Factory
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