explainer video for your business and website

explainer video for your business and website

Is it necessary to create explainer video for business?

In the age of digital media, when many new people are coming online for the first time, it becomes extremely important for companies to find innovative ways to make their presence strong so that they can reach to more people and spread the awareness of their brand. explainer video for your business.

One of the innovative method which has caught the attention of majority of the people all around the globe is explainer videos. Explainer videos are those short videos which do the process of explaining the concept of a company to the people in a simple manner.

An explainer video lasts only for 1 to 3 minutes and consists of the entertaining and informative elements in it which makes them really interesting and thus it catches the attraction of people easily.

The first professional work of an explainer video was seen back almost a decade ago when a company called Common Craft created one for micro blogging giant Twitter. The video demonstrated how to use the site and it gained popularity from all parts of the world. It got more than 10 million views and since then, they become the favorite of companies and they also started to invest in this domain. With the passage of time, explainer videos become the powerful medium to deliver the messages as according to human psychology, human mind finds written content boring, thus the importance of video content increases.

An explainer video uses the concept of brain science which elaborates that if the available tools are used in an effective manner, the video is a very powerful medium to convey the message to maximum people. These videos uses both auditory and visual senses in them as an integrated part which makes them interesting and thus the person who views it finds it attracting.

Explainer Video Company in Australia
Explainer Video Company in Australia

With the cut throat competition in the digital world, it becomes really important to increase the brand awareness and fetch more traffic on the website. And thus, it becomes essential for companies to use the explainer videos in the business.

Reasons to Use Explainer Videos for business

  1. Attracts more visitors to the website

Explainer videos are very short in duration, uses animations and not only provides the accurate information to the visitor in a short span but also entertains them with the available animated characters. The average duration of an explainer video is 90 to 150 seconds. These videos uses the characters, animation and motion in them which stands them out among all their competitors. Thus these videos helps the people in connecting better with the companies and a strong bond is formed with them.

  1. Explainer Videos Improves Search Rankings

The explainer videos are widely used nowadays by majority of the companies. According to Google, the text based websites don’t do well in the search rankings. On the other hand, the websites which have videos as their primary content, they provide interesting and useful content to the visitors which allows them to stick to the website, thus improving their bounce rate and making their presence better in search results.

  1. Explainer Videos Leads to Increased Conversions

To get more potential customers and get boost in the sales – this is the ultimate goal of each company and explainer videos are one of the primary tool to accomplish this goal of the company. In many studies, it has been revealed that companies using explainer videos to promote their brand experiences a boost of around 10% to 50% in their business, which is a remarkable figure on any day.

These are the primary reasons due to which companies must use explainer videos in their business.

explainer videos are very necessary for the online business as they attracts new visitors, improves search rankings and leads to more conversions. explainer video for your business and website.


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