Explainer video company is booming

Explainer video company is booming

In which country animation is booming

The concept of animation has emerged out as the most attracting industry and at present, it owns a large section of the film industry and is used by directors and producers at a large scale in the movies in cinema all around the globe. Explainer video company is booming.

The history of animation is almost a century old when Walt Disney took the concept to the new level after starting his production house, Disney studio along with his elder brother.

In the past many decades, the concept of animation has been through many transitional phases and have emerged as a better version of it.

The first animation featured movie that was release was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” which became super hit all over the world. Post that a series of animation movies were released.

Today, many top animation studios are working all around the globe which is making the domain of animation better. Some of them are Disney Animation Studio, Warner Bros and many more.

Countries where Animation is booming – h2

If we talk about the countries in which the animation is booming, USA is the first name that strikes in the mind. It is the Hollywood which has made the best use of animation. Over the past many decades, they have used animation which has taken the cinema to a new dimension.

Hollywood has not only used the concept of animation in producing cartoon movies like Toy Story, Disney, The Incredibles, Frozen, Aladdin, Despicable Me, Jungle Story and so many others. Also they have used the animation in fantasy movies as well such as Iron Man, Captain America, Civil War, Super Man and so many others.

The use of animation has not been limited to movie industry only but also used in advertising agencies and cartoon series. In business, they are used in the form of animated explainer videos at a big scale.

Also, over the last couple of years many new technologies have been introduced and new standards have been enforced in the animation industry which have made them easy to use.

Apart from USA, India is one of the country where the animation has been booming and growing at a fast pace. However, India has not got its own professional animation studio which works at same level of Warner Bros or Disney Animation studio, but the work is co-produced in association with them. Also, Yash Raj Studio, Red Chilies Entertainment, Maya Academy have bought lots of changes in their technology and are emerging as top animation studio in India. The recent released movie Baahubali perfectly showcased the growth of animation ecosystem in India. Also many youngsters are getting attracted towards animation and learning it at a big scale which is helping in changing the dynamics of the industry.

France is one of those nation where the animation has been very promising. They have showcased their culture in an optimum level in their work. One of the best French animation movie is Asterix and the popular TV show is Totally Spies.

Europe has always been one of the top spot for the animation and it has been the home for many small and large animation studios, especially the independent production houses. These houses work on individual projects and releases the short movies for their clients.

In the last 5 years, the concept of animation has also grew a lot in countries like Dubai, China, Japan, South Africa and many Asia Pacific countries.

The animation concept has travelled a lot of journey and still need to cover a lot. The way technology is growing, we will witness lots of changes in animation in coming years.

animation concept has become the apple eye of entertainment sector and is used majorly in Hollywood. In countries like India, France, China, animation culture is developing a lot.

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