How to become a good Animator and explainer video company

How to become a good Animator and explainer video company

The concept of animation has been very attracting and promising and has emerged out as one of the most amazing career option for which the youth is running for.

If we look at the history of animation, it is almost a century old and evolved after Walt Disney began the Disney Studio along with his brother in 1923. Since then, the animation industry grew a lot.

The period of 1920 to 1960 is considered as the golden age in animation and turned out to be the integrated part of the cinema industry. At present, all the leading studios and directors are working in the field of animation at a big scale and using in their movies.

Also, the scope of animation has not been limited to the film industry only but also used in the advertising strategies as well. In marketing strategy, the animation is used as the explainer videos which demonstrate the concept of the company to the people and promote their products and services.

Today, many people want to join the animation sector as their career. Let us look at the steps which are required to become a successful animator.

How to become a good animator

Before getting into the core of the process of becoming an animator, let us know that what tasks an animator actually performs. As the technology has evolved, now all the work of animation is performed on computer.

The animator usually creates animated stories and characters. There are various sections in the animation field such as movies, video games, business development, graphic design and comics. Some of the most common jobs for the fresher in this field includes the cartoon animation, special effects design, story board creation etc.

Here are the steps of becoming an animator –

  1. Research Animation Career Duties and correct Education

It is the key factor here. Many people enter into this field without doing homework and then suffer later on. It is important to know that what things are there in the animation, what technology one need to learn and what its scope is. The field requires strong artistic and technical skills. Then you need to search the college where you can learn all the things at large scale.

  1. Earn the Degree

A degree in the field of arts or technology will be really helpful for the strong growth of career. However people with no degrees also excel in this field but having a degree takes you to the safe level which is extremely important for the stability of career. Also, the college or institute provides one many opportunities which gives a boost to the career and help in learning and evolving a lot.

  1. Join a company – become an intern

It is one of the thing which every graduation student must try once in their career. An internship is an actual job for a limited time and one gets the chance to work on real life concepts and ideas. It helps in enhancing the practical knowledge and adds potential in you which help in the real hiring stage.

  1. Develop the portfolio

A good animation portfolio takes the profile to a new level and demonstrate the skills in 2 gates – illustrational drawing and observational drawing. Also it display the work which you have done till now which increases your value.

  1. Become part of society

In college, there are many active societies which do many practical works. It is important to become the part of these societies and contribute. It adds to the experience and is helpful in coming time.

This is how an individual can become a successful animator.

the field of animation is very promising and its scope is very vast. Also the people are attracted towards it and want to make it their career. Know how to become a successful animator.

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