Animated explainer video company production house

Animated explainer video company production house

An animated explainer video is a short video which is used by companies to ‘explain’ its products, services and concepts to their customers and elaborate the complex ideas into simple solutions. Animated explainer video company production house .

An explainer video is one of the most effective tool used by brands all over the world and brings the best conversion rates for the companies. They are fun, interactive, short and informative. They have a special power to engage the audience as they are spontaneous in nature. They are goal oriented and works on the phenomena of brain science. They uses both the auditory senses and visual senses and also termed as home page video.

To produce an awesome animated video, it takes 6 steps:

1 – Research and Scripting
2 – Style and Illustration
3 – Storyboarding
4 – Voiceover
5 – Animation
6 – Sound Effects & Music

To create a highly engaging explainer video, it takes the efforts of a professional team who carries a creative mind set, can think out of the box and determination level is very strong.

There are lot of video production houses present all around the world who are doing wonders for their clients and helping them in achieving their business goals through animated explainer videos.

The first company which introduced this concept was “Common Craft” who created the first explainer video for Twitter who used it for demonstration of using it and it became insanely hit and got more than 10 million views.

Animated explainer video company in India
Animated explainer video company in India

Best animated explainer video production house:

  1. Switch Video – –

Switch Video is one of the top brand which creates high quality animated explainer videos for their clients. They have HP, IBM, Abbott and many more as their clients whom they are serving. So far they have created more than 800 videos for their clients in 15 nations and in 10 languages. One of the best attribute of the Switch Video is that they love whatever they do.

They follow the tendency to unlock the complete potential of each idea, product or business on every new project on which they work. Their clients have given them some of the most challenging work till date and they take pride in unleashing the potential in each problem.

They distill each concept into the simplest message that is easy to understand and emotionally connect with the customers.

They are located in Canada, and have an in house team of script writers, animators and producers who work under same roof. Its been seven years since they are in corporate world.

They have 3 promises which they make

  1. They set reasonable timelines and meet them
  2. They keep their clients informed about everything
  3. They complete all aspects of job

Get in touch with Switch Video:
60, Hurontario Street Suite 201
Collingwood, ON, L9Y 2L6
1888 501 3105

  1. Blink Tower –

A company which is based in Cape Town, South Africa has done wonders for their clients based in South Africa. They have different style of working and divided their work process in a number of steps which includes

  1. Hook up
  2. Concept
  3. Script
  4. Visual Style
  5. Voice Over
  6. Animation
  7. Sound and Music
  8. Delivery

They have got a highly motivated team which is full of dedication and they not only work hard, but smart at the same time. They have their clients in the form of Mozilla, Investec, and a lot more.

Connect to Blink Tower:
Unit 42, Roeland Square
Roeland St
Cape Town, South Africa

+27 21 461 3803

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Animated explainer video company production house .




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