Difference between stop motion explainer videos and motion graphics explainer videos

Difference between stop motion explainer videos and motion graphics explainer videos

In the age of rising competition among the companies to get ahead in the business and reach to maximum people, the quality of the product is not the solo factor which can mark the success of any brand. Apart from having a quality product, it becomes essential for the companies to come up with certain techniques using which they can stretch their reach to the people in order to find new and potential customers so that they can maximize their profits. explainer videos company.

explainer video company
explainer video company

In order to accomplish this, one of the advertising technique which has become very popular and commonly used by people is the explainer videos.

An explainer videos is a small duration video whose purpose is to elaborate the concept of the company to the people and promote their products and services to the masses. These videos are also known as landing page or home page videos.

There are many styles of explainer videos which are present from which the company can choose the appropriate one. Some of the styles include –

  1. 2 D Animation
  2. 5 D Animation
  3. Live Action
  4. 3 D Animation
  5. Typography
  6. White Board Animation
  7. Screen Cast
  8. Stop Motion Videos
  9. Motion Graphics
  10. Music only

When these styles are given a glance, all have got their own pros and cons and have their unique attributes which can them popular and worth to invest on. But out of all these, the stop motion videos and the motion graphics videos are very popular and loved by the audience a lot.

Stop motion explainer video

In stop motion explainer videos, step by step screens are captured using the video camera and real world objects to create a crafted video which is magnificent in style and people love them.

According to stats, the stop motion explainer video when created with effectiveness manages to get the maximum engagement of audience and gives the maximum conversion rate. But one of the point which stops companies using it is that it is very expensive and very tough too.

Motion Graphics Videos

Motion graphic videos combines the language of the movie, animation and the graphic design. They are thus combined with many creative elements such as typography, illusion, logos, shapes and existing videos. They are then further animated and then used for specified purposes such as narrating story or making someone understand something.

This concept all includes the micro-content of gifs which is very popular at present and is widely shared over the social media.

Let us fetch the points of difference between the stop motion videos and motion graphics videos.

Difference between stop motion videos and motion graphics videos

The major difference that lie between the top styles is the costing. There is a huge difference between the costs. Stop motion videos are very costly on comparing with the motion graphics which restricts many companies to move forward and use them in their business. It demands around $50,000 to create one of the finest stop motion explainer video.

Another point of difference is the creativity. As the cost of the stop motion videos is very high, so does their creativity level is. These videos produce amazing creativity and animation which easily attracts the people towards them and enforces them to watch them multiple times. That is why they attract huge audience.

Another difference between the two styles is the conversion rates. The stop motion videos are considered to bring the maximum sales for the companies than the motion graphics videos and that is the reason that established companies prefer this style than the motion graphics videos.

These are some of the major difference between the two.


In the explainer video industy, many styes are used and stop motion videos and motion graphics videos are very popular. Read the difference between the motion graphics video and stop motion videos.

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