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Many companies make explainer videos.  But, the main thing in the explainer video is that one can understand the message very well what is being shown in the video.  Further, it is not the only thing that explainer video is of good quality. So, we are telling you what is the meaning of best quality explainer video.

The duration of the explainer video plays an important role.  Generally, the  explainer video should be between 60 to 90 sec. so that audiences can catch the message very well.  If the video goes beyond this time then audi

ences may not understand very well what is being conveyed to them.

After the duration, it comes about look of video.  There are 2 types of videos.

  1. Explainer video
  2. Whiteboard.
Best explainer videos
Best explainer videos

After it, comes voice over.  A good voice over stimulates about the product of your company.  Further, if the animation in the video is good but voice over is not good then it will give bad effect because voice over directly affect the feeling of the audiences.

It will be better if the voice over is in the native place so that audiences can understand very well what is being shown in the video about the product and service.

Now, it comes about the animation.  The animation plays a very important role in the video.  The animation should be good and it should be according to the script, nor less nor more in comparison to the script.  And it should keep in mind that unnecessary animation/characters should not shown in the video.  One should keep in mind while making the explainer video that audiences should not distract from viewing the video.

Now, we come to the editing part of the video.  It is also a very important part in the video. One should keep in mind the timing of the scene according to the voice over and according to text animation and icon animation, putting the sound at right place then only a good quality of explainer video can be made.

Samples of Best explainer videos.

Whiteboard Animation Showreel:

Explainer Video Showreel:

Our Company Explainer video:

We have given the links at upper side.   After clicking the links you can understand very well the quality of the best explainer video.  If you like any of the link, and want to make an explainer video you may contact us, we will make the best explainer video for you in a very reasonable price and our delivery will be prompt.  The explainer video will definitely boost your sale upto 57% more.

Now-a-days, without Online explainer video it will be very difficult to boos the sale of your product and service because one cann’t explain again and again about the product and service but with the help of explainer video you can explain it very well.

Some companies charge very high price like $2500 per min. and the reasonable price is $1000 per video per min.

If you want to make the video, we can make you the video in $799 per min.

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