What kind of explainer video is good for business?

What kind of explainer video is good for business?

Explainer video is the main thing to boost your business, That’s why today we choose this important topic What kind of explainer video is good for business. Basically, explainer video has the 5 types.

  1. 2D explainer video
  2. Whiteboard explainer video
  3. Motion graphics explainer video
  4. Live action explainer video
  5. Typography explainer video
What kind of explainer video is good for business?
What kind of explainer video is good for business?


So, now here we talk about in the details what kind of explainer video is good for business or website etc.

 2D explainer video:

In this video we show 2D characters. These kind of characters look really awesome and according to the voiceover these characters, icon and text appear. You can also check the video sample as per the below video.

And this kind of video is mostly likeable video in this industry. Everybody wants this kind of video. Audience like always color video as per this.


Whiteboard explainer video:

So, now we talk about the whiteboard explainer video. This is video where a hand come ups and draws the images, cartoon characters, text and icon according to the voiceover. This kind of video is also liked by the audience because in this type of video we show a learning process.

Sometimes, due to creativity artist makes blackboard animation also means using blackboard instead of whiteboard.

Regarding whiteboard video kindly also check the below video.


Motion graphics explainer video:


This is the great video style. In this style not only characters are shown but text animation icon are also shown with nice and beautiful style. This is so informative style video. Corporate companies like this style. This style is not popular so much. But audience crazy about this kind of style. We share some link with you of this motion graphics explainer video style.

This style called “Motion graphics” in details you put the motion in the graphics called “motion graphics” 🙂


Live action explainer video:


In this video Live characters are shown and that will give you a realistic way.  The characters which are shown in this video are the same those do the action and talk.  It is mentioned that sometimes we show the text alongwith voice over and sometimes we also show icon so that video looks cool/nice.


Typography explainer video:


In this video one unique thing is that there is no cartoon character and no more icons.  In this video Animator does pay with text only.  He presents the text in front of the audiences in such a way that audiences feel amazing and then becomes the typography video.  You can see the link given below/  The main thing in this video is that it is low cost and takes little time to complete.

I hope that above information will be very helpful to you.  If you are interested in making the video with us, we can deliver you the video in a very reasonable price and will be giving you regular updates (step-by-step) and can deliver the work fastly.


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