Best animation short film

Best animation short film

An animated short film is the one which is not a full featured movie but lasts only for few minutes narrating a short story and made with the help of animation, graphics and sound effects.

The concept of animation was born almost a century back and became popular when Walt Disney came and introduced Mickey Mouse and lots more amazing cartoon characters under his studio Walt Animation studio.

The concept of the short films was getting fame during the same days and later on, it went on to become one of the most popular combination of the animation and the short films which later on was known as animated short films.

Walt Disney was the best rated pioneer in this domain and his success can be measured from the fact that he won 12 academy awards for the short films in animation. In the list below, we will figure out some of the best animated short films which have been released till now and have won not only the hearts of the audience but got awesome response from critics as well.

List of best animated short movies – h2

  1. Flowers and Trees (1932)

A movie produced by Walt Disney and directed by Burt Gillett was released in 1932. An 8 minute film was the first ever commercial to release with full color three-strip. The short movie shows the season of the spring and how the flowers, mushrooms and trees do their calisthenics.

The movie ends with a beautiful note when a male tree proposes a female tree and the caterpillar served as a ring.


  1. Father and daughter (2000)

The short tale narrates the story of a father and his daughter.  The movie was released in 2000 and won the Academy award in 2001. The plot of the movie revolves around a father who says goodbye to his daughter and leaves. The daughter goes on to lead her life and then turning old. In the end of the movie, the reunite of the father and daughter is shown in the most miraculous manner.


  1. For the Birds

A computer animated movie produced by Pixar studio. The venture won the best animated short movie under the direction of Ralph Eggleston in 2001. The plot of the movie revolves around a bird who lands on the wire of a telephone to give him comfort and the things went horrible when other birds started to join him on the little wire. The climax of the film leaves an awesome message.


  1. Paper Man (2012)

A black and white romantic 3D movie was released in the year 2012 and has been produced by the Walt Disney animation studio. The film is 6:33 minutes long and won the Academy Award in the 2013. The story of the movie revolves around George and Meg. Directed by John Kahrs, the film shows how two people can meet and love each other with the charisma and the affection.


  1. Bear Story (2014)

A Chilean animated short film was released in 2014 and was directed by Gabriel Osorio Vargas. The concept arrived from the story of Leopoldo Osorio, who is the grandfather of the director who was sent to jail for 2 years and was forced to live in exile for the period under the dictatorship. The movie not only won the prestigious Academy award at the 88th Academy awards but also won the hearts of the critics and the audience. The movie’s length was 11 minutes and was produced in Spanish language.


There are many more awesome and best animation short films which will be discussed in the coming articles. Stay connected to us.


Animated short films are the best to engage audience and deliver the message or entertain them with the short stories. Read about the top list of animated short films.

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