Award Winning Explainer videos company

Award Winning Explainer videos company

Explainer videos company are the most trending concept in the industry and almost all the enterprises – small or big are getting them for their brand as a marketing strategy to boost their business in an effective manner. The explainer videos are fun, informative and short in duration.  Explainer videos company.

They lasts for 1 to 3 minutes and serves the easiest solutions to the most complex ideas to the people. According to many studies, it has been revealed that after using an explainer video in the business helps in a growth of 10% to 50% in conversions which is a significant figure for any brand.

The explainer video works on the simple concept of brain science and uses both auditory and visual senses which makes them interesting and thus helps in getting the audience engaged.

To create a high quality explainer video, it takes a highly professional team which has got an expertise in their work, highly enthusiastic, can think out of the box and have lots of patience. Carrying patience and thinking out of the box are the must qualities in the people who create explainer videos as it is not a one day task to create one project. It takes an average 6 to 8 weeks to finalize a video as a project.

There are many companies present all over the world who are doing wonders with their work and assisting their clients in achieving their business goals.  They have not only got recommendations and appreciations from their clients and other people, but also have won many awards for their fantastic work which they accomplish by putting loads and loads of hard work.

explainer video company
explainer video company

Award Winning Explainer Video Company are:

  1. Crazy Heads –

Crazy Heads is one of the start up based in India and creates animated explainer videos for their clients. They have even got the tagline – ‘An Award Winning Digital Media Agency’. They have rocked the explainer video domain in India and have challenged the quality works of top company like Again Studio. They quality can be measured from the fact that they have got TED as one of their client. The USP for Crazy Heads is Design as they understand the fact that if a brand has an attracting design, it catches the attention easily.
The startup was founded by 2 college going students who started working when they were in engineering college in 3rd year and did lots of hard work to take Crazy Heads where it is today. They constant efforts have not only made them win an award but also helped them in featuring in top national dallies like The Times of India and The Hindu.
Connect to Crazy Heads:

Crazy Heads Studio
Sri Narag Colony, Dwarka Nagar
Rama Talkies Road
Vizag, 530013, India

  1. AdelieStuidos –

A company which is around for more than a decade and have seen a lot of transitions of industry. In their earlier days, they used to do the traditional video work for their clients and helping them to tell their story through video. Later on when the concept of explainer video arrived, they capitalized on it gained lots of success in this domain too. With their amazing work, they have got a lot of fame and won many awards.

Some of their top awards are;

  1. 2015 – Gold Recognition in MarCom Awards for Employee Video Series
  2. 2014 – Award for distinction recipient in 20th Annual Communicator Award
  3. 2011 – Telly Awards
  4. 2010 – Telly Award

There are a lot many companies who have got many awards. But its not about awards, its about producing the satisfaction for the client and bringing a smile on the viewer face. Award Winning Explainer videos company.

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