Are there any substitutes of explainer videos for business

Are there any substitutes of explainer videos for business

In the age of digital media, the tactics of the companies to advertise their services have changed a lot and have become more user friendly. From advertising in Television to getting on the print media such as newspaper and magazines and using online ads from Google Ads, there are many techniques which have been used by companies at a big scale to market their products and services and increase the people’s attention so that they can turn them into potential customers.

Over the years, a new marketing strategy has become very popular in the corporate hub that is explainer videos through video marketing.

Video marketing is the technique using which the concept of a company is demonstrated with the help of a video and the products and services are promoted which are offered by them.

White Board Animation and its Advantages
White Board Animation and its Advantages

The explainer videos are a sub part of video marketing which is a big domain in itself. Explainer videos are the short videos which ‘explains’ the idea of a company to the prospect in a simple way by eliminating all the complexities.


These videos last for an average of 90 to 120 seconds and shoot the correct information to the user right away. They have changed the dynamics of promotions and taken the business of the companies to new dimension.


The explainer videos are also known as the home page videos or landing videos and are mostly placed on the home page of the official websites of the brand.


The explainer videos have proved to be very effective for the companies and have occupied a large section of the marketing section of the organizations.


These videos works on the principle of brain science in which the visual and auditory are integrated together to add entertaining elements in them which catches the attraction of viewers. That is the reason these videos engages a huge audience with ease.


Alternatives to explainer videos


However, there are many alternatives available which can be used as the substitute to the explainer videos. Some of them are whiteboard animated videos, live action videos, slow motion videos. These all types lies under the domain of video marketing and are used at a big scale.


Apart from these methods, Google Adsense and Infolinks are the other ways using which ads of the content of the company can be posted on many websites. Google, the largest search engine globally provides the feature of Google Adwords using which any enterprise can set up their account and create ads and host on any website they want including YouTube as well.

More importantly, all these strategies are very easy to use and are very much affordable as well as they are very cheap in nature.


When it comes to using Ads from Google Adwords account, Google provides the option to pay only when some visitor clicks their ad or watch it or convert it into sale after purchasing from the company.


After collaborating all these strategies together, a perfect advertising plan for any brand is made which helps the brand in improving their value and create a strong bond between them and the prospects.


Explainer videos are the widely used marketing strategy for the promotion of the products cum services provided by the company however online adsense is one best strategy to use.

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