Are animated explainer videos costly

Are animated explainer videos costly

The 21st century is predicted to be the century of digital world and the pace at which internet users are increasing, it can be easily assumed that half the world’s population will be online on internet in one decade.

This platform is used by the companies in an optimum level to make their business grow and reach to more people so that they can find new customers and get more profits.

In order to do this, they made many modifications in their marketing strategies and introduced the explainer videos in their video marketing techniques.

An explainer video is a short video which is used to explain the business and idea of a company to the people and advertise their services and products to the people.

These videos are also known as the home page videos and the landing page videos.

These videos not only provide the correct information to the viewer instantly but also integrate the fun element in them. This is the reason which makes these videos interesting and can attract a huge audience easily.

Some of the elements which collaborate to build an explainer videos is text, animation, speech, graphics, motion etc. Also, they work on the phenomena of brain science which inculcates the visual and auditory senses in them which improves their presence and engages viewers at a large scale.

In a fact, it has been disclosed that if the tools and resources are used at an optimum level, they turn up as powerful medium to deliver the message to masses.

The effective and efficient use of these videos turns out to be beneficial for the organizations as these videos boost the sales of the company by a margin of up to 20% to 50%.

But one factor which limits the company to use these videos in their business is its cost.

Cost of explainer videos – are they costly?

Yes, the explainer videos are costly in nature and requires huge investment in order to get a high quality video which will do wonders for the organization. It is often said that “You get what you pay for”. Hence the investment does becomes a prominent factor in its quality.

Although it is possible to reduce the cost of the explainer video but many things are compromised in that scenario which includes the quality of the video as well.

Explainer video company
Explainer video company

In order to create an explainer video, the whole process is divided into a number of stages which makes the job easy for the producers and creators to get the video ready. The stages of the explainer videos are –

  1. Research and Scripting
  2. Style and Illustrations
  3. Storyboarding
  4. Voiceover
  5. Animation
  6. Music and Sound Effects

By the combination of all these things, an amazing explainer video is accomplished which helps the company in completing their business goals.

These stages are either accomplished by a professional team or free lancers or it can be completed by the company itself.

If a professional team is hired, then it requires a large investment as they produce high quality videos and has a passionate and enthusiastic team which can work under immense pressure and has the ability to provide out of the box ideas for the problem statements they meet. It takes approx. $10,000 to $20,000 to produce an explainer video whenever a professional team is hired.

However, the cost is reduced by a big factor when freelancers are hired. They don’t have much experience like a professional company but still are able to produce amazing explainer videos for their clients.

Explainer videos are used at a large scale to help business to reach a new level. But how much an explainer video really cost, are explainer videos costly, read the costing of the landing page videos here.

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