What is video marketing and explainer video company

What is video marketing and explainer video company

What is video marketing

Video marketing is the process in which the videos are incorporated into marketing campaigns to promote the concept of a company among people. These are widely used to increase the awareness of the brand.

With the help of video marketing, rich media content is served to people through which the concept can be shown to them in a much better way.

In any video which is used for marketing campaigns includes how to videos, explainer videos, corporate trainings, testimonials, live event videos, viral videos and so many more. The explainer videos is itself present into many types such as 2D videos, 3D videos, whiteboard animation videos, typography videos and the list continues.

What is video marketing
What is video marketing

One of the reason the concept of video marketing has become dominating and companies are using it like anything is that the people are bored of the written content and it is time consuming too. On the other hand, the information served through a video is interesting, takes less time and a human mind remembers more when something is viewed than read. These videos serves the concept of a company in a simple manner and eliminates the complexity associated with it.

Advantages of Video Marketing

  1. Improves SEO of your online presence – if the resources are used in an effective way, the video marketing is one of the prominent factor which can help in boosting the rank of your website on search engines. According to many studies, it has been shown that if the content of the portal is video oriented, the website has almost 50X more chances to rank in top results on the search queries on Google or any other search engine. Additionally, Google itself has started to incorporate more video content in the search results which gives a rich media access to the user.
  2. Attracts more visitors – The correct use of the video marketing attracts a lot of new visitors. The primary feature of these videos is that they uses both visual and auditory senses hence they are very attracting. That is the reason that they easily engages a huge audience. With more people coming online, there is a huge market to target and since many resources are available to share content and reach to more people.

The video content can be easily uploaded on sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others and even uploaded on the web page of the website. Also, these videos are shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Through these sources, the stretch to reach people can be extended and brand value increases.

One of the best part of the whole process is that it take no penny to share the video content and it can be shared any number of times.

  1. Video Marketing brings more conversions – in a study, it has been revealed that the probability to try the services of a company or to purchase its products increases by 71% after watching its video. One of the primary reason behind this boost is that the video helps the people to connect with the organization in a better way, gives them a reason to why to go for this company and solves all their queries.

The most compelling feature of the video marketing is that they turn people into potential customers which brings in more referrals to them.

The scope of video marketing is very vast and if used properly, it can do wonders for companies. However, the whole process is lengthy and demands a big investment, but the results are fruitful for the organizations.

Video marketing is the process to inculcate the videos into marketing strategy to reach to more people and increase the brand awareness and get more conversions into their business.

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