Animated whiteboard explainer video charges

Animated whiteboard explainer video charges

The concept of animated whiteboard explainer videos have become a lot popular at present and is used by companies at a large scale in their business to promote their products and services among masses and get new and potential customers. Animated explainer video company.

The concept of these videos gained popularity in the last quarter of 2012 when RSA animate started to upload these videos and they became viral on the internet. Animated explainer video company.

An animated whiteboard video is one in which the artist draws the object or the character on a whiteboard (or any object resembling it) and the whole process is recorded using the camera. These videos are very simple and entertaining in nature and are mainly used by the companies to educate the prospects about their business idea and also it is used to train the employees at the professional stage.

When it comes to the whiteboard animated videos from the depth, there are many technical terms associated with it.

It uses a certain type of tools to be created and if these tools are used in an effective manner, whiteboard animation do wonders for the company and engages a huge number of audience and boosts the conversions of the brand.

In layman terms, a whiteboard animation explainer video is more sketchy and less detailed than a video with animated characters or a live video.

What is the Doodle explainer video
What is the Doodle explainer video

Some of the tools through which whiteboard animate videos are processed are

  1. PowToon
  2. goAnimate

Video scribing and animated doodling are the terminologies associated with the concept whenever the process of creation of explainer video comes up. With the passage of time, the domain of whiteboard explainer videos have increased its dimensions and changed the dynamics of promotion of the products. This style of explainer videos gives the freedom to creator to be bold and creative.

Charges of whiteboard animated explainer videos

In order to create the animated whiteboard video, a professional team is hired which has the ability to think out of the box and creative ideas which will help in elaborating the concept  of the company to people at a large scale.

But when it comes to the cost of the whiteboard animated explainer videos, there are many factors associated with it.

But when the whole scenario is looked from a general perspective, the whiteboard explainer videos are the most economic style of videos out of all the styles available in the explainer videos domain. One of the reason behind this is that they don’t use much animation in them which reduces the costing of all the animation creation and storyboarding and voice over.

On an average, the cost of an animated whiteboard explainer video ranges between $2000 to 20,000 and the length of the video will be in duration of 45 to 75 seconds. The big difference in the charges of the video is because of the reason of the team which is making the video.

If the video is being produced by the team of experts and professionals, the cost stays on the higher side and ranges in between $15,000 to $20,000. These are the highly effective and high quality videos.

However, the cost can be reduced for these videos but in that situation, either freelancers are hired or the task is given to the fresher. In that situation, some of the task is completed by the company’s end as well in order to help the team and reducing the budget. This option is generally preferred by the companies with a small budget or the startups who are new in their venture and are willing to grow.

Explainer whiteboard videos are popular all around the world and used by companies at a large scale. Read how much a whiteboard animated video charge to get in action and do the promotional work for the company.

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