Animated Doodle explainer video company

Animated Doodle explainer video company

What is the Doodle explainer video

In the age of digital media, when companies have opted video marketing as one of the primary marketing strategy, its scope has increased ever since.

When it comes to video marketing, explainer videos are most widely used to promote the products and services of the company.

An explainer video is a shot length video which elaborates the concept of a company in a simple and sober way. These videos use the entertaining elements to make them look interesting hence attracts a huge audience towards them.

There are many kinds of explainer videos available and are very popular among companies too. Some of the widely used explainer videos are 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, live action explainer videos, stop motion videos and many more.

Out of all these styles, there is a special type of explainer video exists, that is “Doodle Explainer Video”.

The doodle explainer video is a sub part of whiteboard animated videos.


Doodle explainer videos

A doodle is something which is drawn randomly or a scribbled drawing which is drawn absent-mindedly.

A doodle video is an entertaining and interesting method used by the companies in order to connect to people and tell them what they do and how they can be helpful for them. The primary attribute of the doodle videos is that they gives a simple method to make understand the people about the products and services and eliminates all possible complexities which people face when they visit the company’s website.

It is a diagram covering the activities through pictures. All the images are generally drawn on a whiteboard (or any surface resembling it) and the process is recorded using video camera.

The best part about these videos is that they gives the freedom to the artist to be creative and bold.

They can also be called as the next version of whiteboard animation videos however there are many differences in both the styles.

One of the major difference between whiteboard animation and doodle animation is that doodle animated videos are more fun to watch and takes less time than the later. However, they are more costly than the proper whiteboard video as editing part is typical in it.

What is the Doodle explainer video
What is the Doodle explainer video

Why to use Doodle Explainer videos

  1. Narrate the story with doodle videos – it has been scientifically proven that a human mind remembers more when something is watched by him. Hence, it becomes appropriate for the companies to showcase their services in a video. Also, a perfect story narration will leave an everlasting image of your brand in his mind and will help later on in the word of mouth promotion of your brand.
  2. Fun element of Doodle explainer videos – when all the things are done in a correct way, they becomes the perfect dose of entertainment for people in addition to the fact that they are going to serve your business product to them. They brings surprises for them.

By combining funny images with script, music and voiceover, a perfect doodle video is created which makes lots of tasks easy for the brand.


  1. Provides Call to Action –

The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to drive more people to the business and make them the potential customers. In order to do so, a perfect plan of call to action should be implemented which can be done easily with the help of explainer videos.


Companies which are making Doodled Explainer videos 

  1. Doodle Video –
  2. Doodle Video Production –

If you are planning to have your own explainer video for your business, get it now.

Doodle explainer videos are the short videos in which the objects are drawn with a free hand and allows to understand the concept of a company in an entertaining manner.

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