Animated whiteboard explainer video and 2d explainer video charges

Explainer videos are taking the world by storm. The use of explainer videos as a tool for launching new products or services (by established companies) or presenting themselves in front of the audience (by startups) is growing nowadays. These are short videos which are too engaging that the viewer gets carried away with it. The length of these videos is not much, maximum 2 minutes is a general trend. There are many techniques which can be implemented while making an explainer video, like you can choose 2D, 3D, 2.5D (2.5D is a combination of both i.e. 2D and 3D), typography, stop motion, whiteboard, cartoons, live action etc.

Now, talking about their prices, explainer videos have a very large range of cost. It generally varies from $350 to $35,000. Now you may ask me, how is it possible to have such a big variation? The answer is, although it is quite surprising, but true. The cost varies from $350 to $35,000. This huge variation in price is due to the inclusion of special effects, high quality graphics, including actors/actresses in your video and of course, giving your video orders to costly Explainer Video Production Houses.

Animated whiteboard explainer video and 2d explainer video charges
Animated whiteboard explainer video and 2d explainer video charges

Always remember, you will get what you pay for, no one sitting in the market is doing some social work, they all are providing their services to gain some profits, the more they charge, the more quality service they deliver. Have a look at the companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple etc. They will definitely not bother about the cost of making an explainer video for them if they are getting the best one. This is because, they know the fact that, if the video is able to make a place in the hearts of the people, then certainly they will be benefited. Then why to worry for spending huge sum of money in an explainer video?

Generally, a good quality animated explainer video, which is designed for a reputed company, will cost around $5,000 to $10,000 per minute. Yes, that is true. They are not charging this much amount just to gain huge profits, but their production process is costly, because they want to deliver the best product they can. This reason is quite satisfactory for this huge sum of money.

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Talking about the time taken to make this video, it takes nearly 4-6 weeks to form a good quality, reputed explainer video. This is because, several factors are required to look at, in order to develop the desired product. The first step is research about the product, which enables us to know about what points should be included in our video such that it attracts more number of people towards it, also, research is done in order to make a trustworthy video, which develops a strong client-company bond.


Then comes the time of writing the script. The script should not be repetitive at any cost. In fact it should be as small as possible and most importantly, to the point. The script should be engaging, means that the viewer should get attached with the video. After the script is formed, then comes the inclusion of storyboards, frames and voice over. Appropriate amount of frames should be included along with the proper description of the scene, wherever required. Then comes the time of design, animation and sound inclusion. This should be done in an optimum manner to make the video eye-catching along with equal amount of entertainment. All these factors are responsible which makes the [production cost high.

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