Animated Explainer Video Production for Business Company in India

Animated Explainer Video Production for Business Company in India


Explainer videos are short, often animated, videos that are used to concisely describe and demonstrate a product or service. Explainer videos can have a powerful impact on their audiences. Let’s look at examples of the main types of explainer videos and the reasons why they are so effective for businesses. Animated Explainer Video Production for Business Company in India.
Explainer videos that use animation
Animated Explainer Video Production for Business Company in India
Animated Explainer Video Production for Business Company in India

Animated Explainer videos are easily the most widely used type of explainer video. Animation is ideal for explaining services or abstract, intangible products such as software. Some services and software possess very few physical features, which makes live-action video impossible.

2D Animated Explainer Video 

Besides allowing for more creativity in the concept of the video, animated explainer videos are more easily updated than live-action video. This allows for flexibility to accommodate anticipated future changes to a product or service.

Often thought of as traditional animation, 2D animation involves creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in a two-dimensional environment. 2D animation is often a less expensive option than 3D animation. However, some explainer videos may need extra detail that can only be accomplished with 3D animation.Always make sure you’re using animation in a strategic way.  Some topics, especially those that call for a human touch, can actually be harmed by using animation.

2.5D Animation Videos.  


This animation technique simulates a 3D environment. It has all the benefits of a motion graphics animation and it is quite an interesting way to have a professional and engaging result without the hassle and time (and money) consuming technique of 3D animation.

3D Animated Explainer Video

3D animation involves animating objects appearing in a three-dimensional space. These 3D objects can be rotated and moved like real objects. This is extremely powerful for showing products that are still in development or difficult to film in live-action.
Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Motion Graphics explainer videos bring still graphics to life with animation, visual effects and other cinematic techniques. They are not necessarily story-based or character driven and may involve animating abstract shapes, logos or text.
Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animation is a style of animated video where a story is shown on a whiteboard using artwork that is typically hand-drawn in appearance. This style of video lends itself to processes which yield cheaply-made whiteboard videos, such as homemade videos or through a company that uses automation to produce them. This uptick in poor quality whiteboard videos is in danger of giving whiteboard explainer videos a bad name as a whole.With a good script and high quality character animation, a whiteboard video can certainly be a viable option for companies. This is especially true when working within a tight budget.

Tread carefully and weigh the true cost of a poorly made whiteboard video before going with the lowest bidder. With whiteboard videos, it’s necessary to go beyond the conventional and think outside the box to avoid a bland, forgettable brand experience.

Animated Explainer Video Production for Business Company in India

Live Action Explainer Videos 

Like animated explainer videos, Live Action Explainer videos accomplish the same goals of explaining your product or service, they just do it with real people. Using flesh and blood people in an explainer video is a good option when you really want to connect with the viewer on an emotional level.  This is often a good choice for people-oriented products and services.

You may have heard that animation is less expensive than live action video production. There are many factors that affect the cost of video production, so this isn’t always the case.

Live Action With Track Elements Explainer Videos

This is a live video footage integrated with 3D elements that are tracked to the video. This brings the idea of real interaction bring has endless possibilities. In these videos real people are shown to be intracting with 3D product.

Sceencast Explainer Videos

Screencast explainer videos incorporate imagery from a screen while a website, software or application is in use. The main purpose is to show how the application functions. They are very effective for showing users how to interact with new apps or features without requiring them to read many pages of text.

Screencast videos can often be less expensive to produce than animated or live action videos, however, this doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality. Creating a simple low-res screencast video is well within the reach of anyone with a computer and the ability to upload to YouTube. This makes it even more important to invest in quality when creating a video that represents your brand.

Stop Motion Videos                     

It is an animation technique that consists of photographing an object as it’s is moved in small amounts creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames are played as a sequence.

Typographic Explainer Videos

This style is based on the animation of typographic fonts to express an idea. Rather than showing images and animations, in these videos product is explained by typographic fonts and audios reading the typographed fonts.

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