Animated explainer video industry

Animated explainer video industry

The history of animation in the film industry

If we figure out the history of the film industry, we need to visit the timeline of almost century and a half then we will find the traces of early cinema. The early form of cinema was the simple one. Short movies with no soundtrack and white and black background. Animated explainer video industry.

Then many changes were made, soundtrack were introduced and colorful movies began to produce. In the parallel time, the concept of drawing was becoming popular and cartoons were made at a large scale.

The first work of animated projection was seen in France in 1877. On October 28, 1892, the first animation projection was made available to public. After that for many decades, the domain found new inventions in them.

The major success in the cartoon was seen in 1914 when Winsor McCay produced the Gertie the Dinosaur which was really liked by people. It has been remarked as the first example of true character animation.

Golden age of Animation –| Animation History

The period of 1920 to 1960 is considered as the golden age of the animation. It was the period when the theatrical cartoons started to release in huge number. It was the period when many animation studios had captured the industry and were dominating the industry. Some of them are the Disney Animation studio, Warner Bros, MGM and UPA as well.

The Disney Animation Studio was set up by Walt Disney and his elder brother in 1923 and since then never looked back.

In the early days, there were short animation movies which last for 5 to 10 minutes and entertain people a lot.

In 1926, the first animation movie with the soundtrack was released. The movie entitled as My Old Kentucky Home. The first colored animated movie came in 1932 and was produced by Disney. It was Flowers and Trees and was very successful.

The first featured animation movie was released in 1937 titled as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The movie became a huge hit and collected a very good amount at the box office. Also, the movie received many appraisals from the critics as well.

Characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck were became popular globally.

In the same time, Walt Disney worked a lot to bring many changes in the technology. The film of 1937, The Old Mill used multiple cameras.

As the time has progressed and the computer technology have become popular, the way to animate has completely changed. The present animation is done with the help of latest software and with the help of computers only. Also, the movie has not been limited to the 2D animation movies, but also 3D movies concept became popular and is used widely nowadays.

Hence computer animation is the perfect successor to the stop motion technique which was used as the traditional methods.

Evolution of the Pixar Studio

Pixar studio was one of the few animation studio which used the computer animation at the big scale. They were facing a tough time in their business when Steve Jobs, co-founder Apple Inc. eventually became the CEO of the Pixar studio and under his guidance the movie Toy Story was released which became one of the biggest hit in the animation world. Since then, they never looked back.

The Pixar animation studio was acquired by Disney studio a decade back with a deal of more than $7 billion.

Today, the animation movies are released all around the globe with lots of creative ideas. All the standards and techniques are introduced by the Disney studios. The animation industry has got a very vast scope and a bright future ahead.

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