Top 10 explainer video and whiteboard video

Top 10 explainer video and whiteboard video

As the time has progressed, the techniques to advertise the products and services have varied a lot in the past couple of years and many innovative and smart ideas have been implemented in the marketing domain to attract more people to the business.

One of the latest and advance marketing technique is video marketing in which the whole concept of a company is demonstrated with the help of video. This concept is very interesting and unique as they eliminates all sorts of complications which users get while understanding the business of any company.

In order to implement video marketing, the explainer videos are used. Explainer videos are the special and short videos which elaborates the products and services of a company to the prospects in a simple way.

The explainer videos uses the phenomena of brain science which integrates both auditory and visual senses in them which makes them attractive and engages a huge audience easily.

There are many kinds of explainer video styles available, out of which the suitable is chosen for the business. To opt the best fit explainer video, the product and the target audience needs to be considered. All these styles have their own pros and cons and have got their own unique qualities which makes them stand out.

Out of all the styles, whiteboard animation videos and animated explainer videos are the most special and widely used styles. They are very easy to produce and cost effective too. That is why companies with low budget and start ups afford them in their business to boost their brand value.

Top 10 whiteboard animation and explainer videos

  1. Dollar Shave Club – A video which was released back in March have got more than 5 million views till now and has gone viral all over. It’s a start up and have boomed after the release of the video. Michael Dubin, founder of the Dollar Shave Club shared his story success and told that it costed around $4500 to produce this video.
  2. Above Echo Sign – A whiteboard animation video produced by Adobe elaborates the echosign product in depth. It is very descriptive and a nice way to show them to people that how to use the program without to read the pages of web.
  3. Gig Town – A video designed for mobile application that help the people in finding, follow and book the musicians at any time.
  4. Pad Mapper – It is created by the Grumo Media and uses humor to engage a huge audience. The video is very funny and effectively elaborates the concept.
  5. Airbnb – A live action explainer video is the combination of live video and motion graphics. This awesome work has been carried out by Sandwich video.
  6. Student Hut – It is a tool for college students to give a review and discuss any class before getting onto study their course.
  7. Pinterest – A powerful video which shows how to use the amazing start up.
  8. Spotify – This video was produced when Spotify landed in USA for the first time. It has not got any voiceover, and has only sound track and fun visuals in them. This vide gave the perfect demo of the music app.
  9. Crazy Egg – the video shows the heatmap tool that elaborates that why the visitors of the website are not converting. The work has been accomplished by Demo Duck. It captures the screen of the web app in action.
  10. Group on – a very short video which explains the concept of the brand in a perfect way.

Explainer videos have changed the dynamics of the companies and the way they have been doing business till now.

Top 10 explainer video and whiteboard video
Top 10 explainer video and whiteboard video

Video marketing is the latest concept used to promote the brand of the company and explainer videos and whiteboard videos are most used. Take a look at the top 10 explainer video and whiteboard animations.

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