Animated expaliner video company in india and expaliner video making steps

Animated expaliner video company in india and expaliner video making steps

In the age of digital media, the people are getting online at a rapid pace and the internet has emerged out as a central hub of attraction for the users and the entrepreneurs.

Since there are too many people online and they are getting way too much content getting displayed on their timeline, it becomes important for the publishers especially the business person to be specified about the content they publish so that they can get maximum reach on their links so that their brand value can increase and they can have a better bounce rate on their portals.

In order to do so, one of the marketing strategy that is followed by the organizations is explainer videos.

An explainer video is a small video which explains the concept of a company to the people and promote their products cum services. These videos works on the phenomena of brain science and integrates both auditory and visual senses in them. It makes these videos stand out among the traditional videos and catches the attraction of the viewers easily.

In order to create an explainer video, the whole process is divided into a number of stages to make the task easy and all the work is collaborated later on.

explainer video making steps
explainer video making steps

Steps of the explainer videos company

  1. Script writing and research
  2. Styling and illustration
  3. Storyboarding
  4. Voiceover
  5. Animation
  6. Music and sound effect

These are the steps which are accomplished in successive order to have an amazing explainer video for the business. Let us look at each of the stage in the brief.

  1. Research and Script Writing

Before jumping onto the creation of the video, it is important to do the basic right. And it means to do lots of research about the product, brand, and the target audience. It becomes important for the script writer to create a synchronization between the organization and the viewers through their words. Most importantly, the script must not be too lengthy or too small according to the length of the video. It should have something creative to read.

  1. Style and Illustration

Here comes the most beautiful part of the explainer video, creation of the characters. In many cases, the character is manually made by hands, scanned and digitized and colored. In other cases, the characters are drawn from the scratch using tools and software like Photoshop. During this stage, many variants of the character are drawn which are shown to the client and best one is chosen after getting opinions.

  1. Storyboarding

With the final script and the character with us, the storyboarding is started. It is a static work of scene by scene for the videos which are later framed together to make a video.

  1. Voiceover

Once all the above states are completed, the work of adding the background voice is done. Here some professionals are hired or the team member himself gives his voice. The sound is filtered using sound engineering.

  1. Animation

It is the most time consuming and intense stage of the explainer video creation. All the work is done manually here and make sure that each single second is having the perfect movement and the background music is enhanced with the illustrations. Software like Adobe After Effects is used to make the things easier but still the overall module is the most typical one.

  1. Music and sound effects

It is the last stage of the explainer video, however extra modules may be added, but after this, the video is created. This stage comprises of making sure that the music and the voiceover is working fine with the illustrations and their synchronization is perfect.

This is how an explainer video is divided into number of stages and on completion of them, a beautiful and worth explainer video is made.

The explainer video is one of the powerful tool to deliver the message used by companies. Read the steps which are taken in order to create an amazing explainer video.

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