Explainer video company in India

Explainer video company in India

1st animated movie in the world

Ever since the human society has established itself and progressed with the passage of time, the way to their entertainment has changed a lot. One of the core element in their fun life has been movies from more than a century now. Explainer video company in India.

One of the special genre of movies which have attracted the attention of all age group of people is animation movies. Animated movies which are also known as cartoon movies are those films which are made using sequential drawings.

When the history of the animation is considered, the first cartoon characters were started to seen back in the 19th century. The motion in the cartoon characters were added in the beginning of the 20th century.

The dawn of the animation films began from 1920 onwards when legendary Walt Disney took his interest of the drawing a step ahead and started to design professional computers and later on started the world’s first professional animated studio, Walt Disney Animation Studio.

The time period of 1920 to 1960 is considered to be the golden age in the animated arena and a lot of theatrical movies were started to release in that time domain. In the early stage, the motion cartoon films were silent and had no sound or music in them.

The first ever cartoon motion to feature soundtrack was produced in 1926 when Max Fleisher produced “My Old Kentucky Home”. However, the soundtrack did not synchronized with the movie properly hence the experiment did not worked out as it was expected. In the parallel time, Walt Disney was working hard to synchronize the sound track with the movie and he did it successfully in 1928 with the movie Mickey Mouse. It used the click track during the recording session.

This process became very popular and from then onwards, it was known as “Mickey Mousing”. In the same time, the Walt Disney studio was also getting attention and was getting professional in their work.

Featured movies in Animation

The first featured movie in the animation was first produced in 1917. The work was done by Quirino Cristiani, an Italian-Argentine cartoonist who produced El Apostol. However, a tragic accident occurred and a fire destroyed the film studio and the copy was lost.

First animated movie in the world

The first featured animated film which was released was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937. The film was created by Disney. It was the first color and sound integrated animated film.

The movie was premiered in Carthay Circle Theatre on December 21st, 1937 just before the eve of Christmas. The movie got lots of appraisal and later on went on to release in the whole nation in February 1938.

The movie not only become a critical success but ended up winning the heart of people all over and collected huge amount at the box office. The movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs earned almost $8 million in that period.

The success of the film lead to an honorary award to Walt Disney at the 11th Academy Awards. The film was made at a little budget of less than $1.5 million and till now, it has collected more than $400 million which is astonishing.

The release of this movie leads to the beginning of an amazing era of animated feature movies and since then, around 300 movies have been released and majority have been produced by the Walt Disney Animation Studios. They are also responsible for bringing all the technical changes and standardizing the things in the animation domain to make the experience better.

Snow white and the seven dwarfs was the first featured animated movie that was released by the Disney studio and is very much popular at present as well. Read the brief history of animation movies.

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