5 Best explainer videos of Mobile App

5 Best explainer videos of Mobile App

In the age of digital media, when it has become essential for the companies to create a strong online presence so that they can target more audience and connect to them. Here we tell you the 5 Best explainer videos of Mobile App.

At present, millions of people are coming online for the first time and it important to reach to them so that new potential customers can be found and the products and services can be promoted among them.

In order to get the above task done, companies have started to find many innovative and smart ideas so that they can get ahead in the race of a tight online competition among thousands of competitors.

5 Best explainer videos of Mobile App
5 Best explainer videos of Mobile App

One of the strong method for marketing which has gained a lot of popularity in the past years is video marketing. This method is out of the box, creative and has become astonishingly successful.

To promote the concept of a company through video marketing, explainer videos are used.

An explainer video is a short length video which uses animation and graphics to ‘explain’ the concept of a company to the people. They eliminates the boring parameter from the concept and elaborates in a simple and entertaining way.

As the time has progressed, businesses have become mobile friendly and have got their mobile apps for their businesses. Also, there are many start ups and companies which works completely on the mobile app like Whatsapp, Ola, Uber and many more.

To make the apps more user friendly and engaging, it becomes very important to explain the concept of the app in a creative way to the audience. Hence, the benefit of explainer videos are taken.

Why to need videos for Mobile app

    1. It’s a potential method to inform the audience about the app. Instead of a written description, a video is shown which helps in building a strong network.
    2. The explainer video are easy to get viral. Reason behind this is that these videos are very easy to share.
    3. The visual content is always catchy and attracts huge people.
    4. These stylish videos provides an effective way of call to action to the people which turns them into potential customers later on.
    5. The video shows how the app works, its features and the wonderful design.
    6. It provides a quick demo and can pitch up huge customers.

Highlighting parameters to keep in mind

  1. The length matters – it is just a demo video, not a tutorial. It should last for maximum 120 seconds.
  2. Simplicity is the key – the over usage of animation and graphics always turns harmful. It’s better to avoid unnecessary animations.
  3. App should be in action mode – the user should get a rich experience after watching the video and a brief sense should be provided to him.
  4. App should be a solution – its important to show the user that how the mobile app is going to serve the solution to the user’s problem and show its usage it them.
  5. Call to action – its important to add all the links in the video description which will be useful for the viewer and may contact in future.

5 Top Explainer Videos for Mobile App

  1. GigTown– Live Music Booking: A mobile app which helps the people to find, follow and book the musicians.
  2. Spotify: Spotify is a big brand and when they came in America, an intro video was launched by them which was loved by people in huge number. The best part about this video is that it has only soundtrack and fun visuals.
  3. FileExpert – An app available on Play Store is used to manage the files present on smart phone on Android OS.
  4. Nextends – An app for giving the user a whole new experience in the gaming world.
  5. Google Now – A video by Google to introduce Google Now for iPhone and iPad.

explainer videos have been rightly used by mobile app developers to boost their business and reach to more people and help them in finding solutions for their problems.

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