Why we use 2D animated explainer video

Why we use 2D animated explainer video


While making animated videos, the biggest question which pops up in the mind of the brand manager of the campaign is whether to use 2D animated explainer video or to upgrade to 3D explainer video. There are some of the aspects one needs to keep in mind before choosing the type of animated video. One might even go for a whiteboard explainer video, live action explainer video or kinetic typography.



The cost factor

2D animated explainer videos can be created at a lesser cost compared to a 2.5D or a 3D explainer videos. Hence if you have a low budget, however you want to create a kickass campaign, then spend more time in creating an amazing script than anything else. Looks for various quotes from different companies and some Indian companies like Amod films, smarterjon and Niyati can create a great 2D animated explainer video in half the cost of the US or UK based companies.

The context

The other day I bumped into a 3D explainer video on a website which talked about an Everest expedition from the base camp to the final destination. The 3D effect made the viewing very interesting as the height of the mountains and the adversities on the road were clearly visible to the viewer.

However if your product is an insurance policy or an exhibition of paintings, there is no point in wasting good money on a 3D animation video. A good 2D animated explainer video too can capture the attention of the audience equally well. If you want to show the intricacies of your jewellery, or you are a plush designer clothesline, then a 2D video may fall flat if not conceptualised well.

Dynamic compared to still images and text

If you are planning to put a slideshow of your products, or are pasting images along with text, then think again. A low budget2D animated explainer video might increase the hit rate on your website much more than plain text. This should be considered a good investment as more number of hits on your website means more conversion.

Easy to share

Sharing a video is a lot easier using WhatsApp, viber and other messaging applications compared to sharing text. We seldom ignore a link which our friends send to us on WhatsApp; however we often end up downloading the video and watching it. A good product is often shared between friends using videos and a good 2D animated explainer video can be a good source of promotion through word of mouth.

Images register for longer

Why does it happen that we often remember a movie after years of watching it, however forget a story read in a book? Studies have shown that images stay longer in our memory as we tend to associate it with something in our life and visuals have a greater impact on our minds. Hence if a good product or idea is presented through a good quality 2D animated explainer video, it often stays with the viewer.  It also helps to clarify the objective of a product or a service.

Better SEO Ranking

Search engines are designed in such a way that websites with videos always come at the top of any kind of search. So if you are planning to launch a low-budget but effective campaign on the internet, then along with the e-mail campaign, think about creating a good 2D animated explainer video.



At the end of the day, promotion is just a tool to create an interest in the consumer about your product or services. The real hero is the product and if that is of inferior quality, then a good campaign might increase your sales in the initial days, but will fall flat eventually. Hence keep your focus on your main product and services and spend a decent budget on the advertisements and marketing campaigns.

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