What is Video Marketing?

What is Video Marketing

Video marketing is a latest way of marketing or advertising done on the internet which is considered as one of the fastest way of communication. It can also be counted as one of the fastest mode of reaching new clients and the target audience. The business owners create a short video (mostly within 2 minutes) describing about their products and services and promote the video on the internet. The video created can be shared and uploaded on various websites especially on social networking sites and video sharing sites, so as to reach the target audience. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the hottest social networking sites among the business owners as well as individuals. YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing sites.

Explainer video

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The videos once uploaded on the websites get a good exposure and are found by people, who are actually interested in such products. This is also one of the best ways to convey about the benefits and features of the products and services to a wider audience. The more the video is shared the more there are chances to attract prospective customers. Video marketing is no rocket science as it is nothing but spreading the product’s information towards a wider audience.

Video marketing benefits

  1. More effective – Video marketing is much more effective than text marketing as it can be seen as well as heard without many efforts to read it. Studies have shown that information that can be heard and seen has a higher retention rate of 80%. The combination of visual with sound is always more effective.
  2. Catches emotional attention of the prospective customers – An explainer video can convey a direct message to the audience as a direct appeal to the centre of the person’s brain. If the video is attractive, there are chances that the viewer can relate to the situation and give in to the product. A video can be more appealing to a human due to its narrative nature.
  3. Beneficial for SEO – A video is the best for Search Engine Optimization and increases the search engine ranking. The video sharing site YouTube is the second largest search engine for videos. As the site is owned by Google it becomes even more beneficial for an explainer video.
  4. Can get feedback – Online video marketing also allows the viewers to comment and send any suggestions if they feel so. There is a section known as the comment session, which allows the viewers to leave a comment or suggestion which can be grasped by the product owners and apply the changes to make their product even better.
  5. A video can be accessed from almost everywhere – There are several platforms to find videos that promote products. TV, online video sharing sites, tablets and smartphones are platforms where videos can be easily accessed. Since these are easily accessible, it is easy to send it across to the target audience.



Developing a video marketing campaign

Developing a video marketing campaign involves extensive competitive analysis, market research and target market insights. After gathering all the information the final message can be determined. Approach a company after you have got a vision to develop your message. A video for marketing must be well made and composed to make sure that it appeals the audience. Quality has to be maintained and has to be made according to the needs and requirements of the client and the interest of the target audience.  The video can have an offer for the audience so that they show interest in the product. For instance, if the company is offering an attractive crystal glass bowl with a pack of tealeaves, the customer will be more interested to buy that attractive crystal bowl, which is otherwise expensive in the market.

Developing a video marketing campaign

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