What is the difference between low cost and high cost explainer video

What is the difference between low cost and high cost explainer video

Explainer video comes in different flavors. These are one of the best marketing strategy used by companies to leverage the people towards their brand and promote their products cum services to them.

An explainer video is a simple video which lasts for a short duration and elaborates the concept of a company to the prospects with entertaining elements present in them.

What is the difference between low cost and high cost explainer video
What is the difference between low cost and high cost explainer video

Over the past many years, this concept has gained lot of popularity and has emerged out as one of the primary advertising strategy for companies to increase their brand value and reach to more people.

When it comes to creating an explainer video for the brand, the user has got many options to choose from which are 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion explainer videos, whiteboard animation, live action explainer videos and so many other. All these styles are unique in their own way and serves many solutions to the client which makes them stand out.

One of the prominent factor which arises as soon as one decide to have an explainer video is its cost. On a general note, to create an explainer video, it demands a huge investment.

It should be noted that “One gets what he pays for” and in the video marketing domain, the quality really matters and to get high quality, it becomes essential to have best of the tools, expert working on them and having creative ideas which serves the solution to the problem which in return will be fruitful for the organizations.


High cost explainer videos and low cost explainer videos

A high cost explainer video is the one which is produced after investing lots of money in it. In a high cost explainer video, a team of experts is hired which has high professional standards and have the ability to think out of the box ideas for each problem statement they face.

The primary thing around which the whole activity revolves is the research/planning part and finding out how the video should be made effective that it can serve a solution to the viewers and prove worth to them. Another thing which is an integrated part of the high cost explainer video is to come up with a video which is having high quality. By investing high cost, the developer ensures that they develops a result oriented video which ensures that your existing and upcoming products reach to people in a better way. Here, the whole process is divided into a number of stages and then each is processed one by one.

Stages of explainer video –

1 – Research and Script Writing
2 – Style and Illustration
3 – Storyboarding
4 – Voiceover
5 – Animation
6 – Sound Effects and Music

Each stage is very important and acts as a powerful medium in creating an engaging explainer video. It takes approx. 1 to 2 weeks in order to complete each stage and then the final work in compiled together.

On the other hand, in a low cost explainer videos, many things are eliminated or are not used at a high level to a big level in order to reduce the cost by a big margin. In an explainer video with the low cost, majority of the modules are completed by the company itself or fresher are hired who takes less amount to complete the work and get the video ready. The low cos videos are generally chosen by companies with a limited budget or start ups.

This is how an explainer video differentiates in low cost and high cost and major differences can be observed.

Explainer videos demands huge investment in order to get quality and result oriented video hence known as high cost explainer videos. When the quality is reduced, it comes up as low cost explainer video. Read the differences between the two.

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