What is NXXUP?

I am an upcoming artist and entrepreneur from Miami, FL. I have a master’s degree in Public Administration. I own a music Hip-hop blog that caters to indie artists of hip-hop and r&b. I started this blog because I saw the importance of support for upcoming artists. It’s not easy to be recognized when so many people do music. I created an affiliate program where fans can earn 15% commission on every sale when they promote the blog. This increases traffic to NXXUP so that artists have a chance to grow a bigger fan base. I see NXXUP growing larger in the next year as we are already in the works of having our own reality show. Artist should subscribe to NXXUP and connect with our artist.


I am an author of a book titled “Don’t Think For Me” which is currently sold out.

Artist Name: Ms. Hunt

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2fpXMbb1wLQ3b9N2AcLphN?si=WVzSSMdmR5C9IC8-0xdijw

Social Media: www.instagram.com/mshuntincharge

Blog: www.NXXUP.com

Jonty Khandelwal
Jonty Khandelwal

Founder & CEO of Explainersvideos.com

✍Writing is my hobby through which I share my thoughts🧠. Hope you will like it. 💕

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