What is a Animated Whiteboard video?

What is a Animated Whiteboard video?



What is a Animated Whiteboard video?
What is a Animated Whiteboard video?


Whiteboard animation videos or Animated whiteboard videos are those videos where a concept or story is explained via creating pictures or images on a whiteboard or something which looks like a flat platform where the images can be put. There is a voice over in the background which explains the concept and this has become an extremely popular medium of marketing on TV, websites and various web portals.


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Complex concepts made simpler through whiteboard videos

It is proven through research that human mind remembers more when it is associated with images. We remember a movie which we watched long back vis-a-vis something which we read sometime back. Our mind associates any new learning with something which we already know. Adult learning or andragogy is loosely based on that theory.

Visual Representation

When we are trying to understand a complex concept, then we need to hold multiple ideas in mind. When visual representations such as diagrams, graphs, images, videos, cartoons which tell a story etc. are used, then our mind catches those images for a longer time. We understand much faster and our brain retains that information for a longer time. Try to remember our school days, if you were taught about solar eclipse using a diagram of balls, then we till date remember the reason and how it happens.

If you are trying to explain a complex concept, then try to use a visual representation method and your viewers will remember it for a longer time. This is where,explainer whiteboard videos come into play. Try to use a whiteboard video for explaining your new sales strategy to a client or the employee life-cycle in an organisation and you will see that your audience is hooked on to it. They will not only take more interest in the topic, you will see that they are coming up with questions too. This will be a clear indication that they understood the subject and found it interesting.

Explaining through analogies

Analogy is basically a tool which is used to draw a comparison. For e.g. everyone cannot afford cake, hence they eat bread. In a corporate scenario when we are talking about going to an expensive service provider and settle down for a less expensive one which fits our budget, we can use this analogy.

Using analogy is a very effective tool which will help the audience to grasp the concept much faster. While making explainer whiteboard videos, the creators should always keep this in mind.

Whiteboard animation uses visual representation and analogies

Most of thewhiteboard video companies use the dynamic visual representation (motion graphics) technique to explain their concepts. Still diagrams, images, graphs and charts are effective in explaining a concept, however dynamic visual representation is more effective than the static visual representation techniques. The involvement of the viewer increases manifolds when there is a video involved.Since we all love to watch movies, plays in theatres and TV serials, a video psychologically is more entertaining than reading data. It puts less pressure on the minds of the audience to understand a concept.

So on one hand if a PPT presentation contains a lot of information, the human brain switches off after 20 minutes. However if the same data is merged along with video presentations, then it becomes interesting for the viewer and s/he remains alert.

Even the Business schools now use informative and motivational videos and TED talks to explain their concepts. In BPOS and call centers, movie clippings are shown to help the employees understand different kinds of accents and how to grasp them.



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