What are Animated explainer videos?

What are Animated explainer videos?

The internet is a huge place with information of about anything that you can think of an even beyond that.  Animated explainer videos can be a video which describes about a product or service of a particular company.  These can be used to attract the customers to find the product and also distinguish your message from the others. The explainer videos in recent times have become very popular and are more popular among some of the well established companies. Typically an explainer video is about one to two minutes long and is used to introduce a product of the company to the customers. An explainer video has to have certain basic fundamental information about the product. The first and very vital information it must have that the problem that it claims to solve. Then it must explain why the customers have to use it. It must have visuals and a proper view of the product so that the viewers can make a proper judgement.  Many times the company produces the video before it is fully formed or launched. This helps to develop the interest of the viewers. The video has to be informative, talking about each and every feature in detail yet in brief. At the same time it must be to the point and must not take much time so that the interest of the viewers is not reduced.

The explainer video is usually placed on the home page of the website of the company launching it.  It must be prominent and attractive enough to keep the interest of the viewers intact.  The content must be interesting enough and must be able to convince the viewers that the product is good and can be trust worthy.

Types of Animated explainer videos

Whiteboard explainer video company
Whiteboard explainer video company

Explainer videos can be classified in various sections like animated explainer videos, live action explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos and kickstarter explainer videos.


  1. Animated explainer videos – Animated explainer videos are considered as one of the most popular kind of explainer videos used by the company. Here the product or service is shown in an animated format as this is the easiest ways to show its features like of software.
  2. Live action Explainer videos – Here a non animated video helps to explain the product or the service.  Such videos are best for those who sell physical products or some services like a restaurant or a consulting group.
  3. Kickstarter explainer videos – This one is not a regular explainer videos and is usually made by companies who have just started a project. Typically they are not much longer. It can be seen that about all the kickstarter projects have some kind of an explainer video. It explains why the company is launching its project and what it aims through the project.
  4. Whiteboard explainer videos – This explainer video is where the product is explained with the help of animation that is drawn on a whiteboard. Such videos have become popular in recent times due to low production cost and ease of operation.

Here are view sample of explainer video. Kindly check below.

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