Top 5 E-card companies

Top 5 E-card companies

In the age of digital world, the way to socialize has completely changed. Earlier there were times when people used to meet in person and wish each other on occasions, events and festivals to celebrate the special days. Later time changed, the concept of greeting card was introduced which was a special card made of beautiful pictures and the feelings were penned down on it related to the person and the occasion.

In the digital arena, these greeting cards have been replaced by the e-cards.

An e-card is the digital version of the greeting card and is sent to the person using a hyperlink or a mail.

There e-cards are created and customized using the tools and website and sent using the internet itself. The background of the card can be modified. It also includes the creative writing, animations, graphical images into them.

The e-card is also known as a digital card, digital postcard, cyber greeting card, virtual card etc.

At present, it is also possible to add music to the e-cards to make them work in real time.

The e-cards are also printed sometimes to paste on specific locations.

In order to create the e-card there are many online tools and software available using which a very beautiful e-card can be designed. But there are many companies available, which provides the service to create the online e-cards which can be sent to the person for whom it is being designed for.

List to top e-card companies

  1. Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain was the first company which started to design the e-cards at a professional level after the beginning of the concept back in 1994. At present, Blue Mountain has emerged as one of the biggest company which provides its consumers to create amazing e-cards which can be sent to any number of persons over the mail or through Facebook and Twitter. The company was purchased by American Greetings in 2001.


  1. American Greetings

American Greetings is one of the largest company to produce greeting cards worldwide. The company was started in 1906 and is running successfully after 1 century. They produce many awesome brands such as Papy rus, Carlton Cards and Gibson. They also manufacture the party supplies and the gift wrap at a very large scale.  In 2001, they extended their presence when they purchased the company Blue Mountain, one of the largest company which provides the service of digital e-cards.


  1. Jib Jab

JibJab is a digital media company in the core but has one module in their business which provides the service of personalized e-cards. The best part about the digital cards produced by this company is that they offer humorous styles which looks catchy and eliminates the traditional looks to stand out.


  1. 123 Greeting Cards

This site is around the corner from last many years and has emerged out as one of the top most brand which produces amazing digital cards on almost all kind of occasions running all around the globe. They provide a huge variety of free e-cards which can be easily downloaded. The best part about their cards is the animation and style they choose. That is why they attracts a huge traffic on their portal.


  1. Some Ecards

They are new in this domain but has done amazing work to get featured in the list. They have got e-cards for almost all kinds of occasions and events. They have got many off beat topics such as break ups, job loss and divorce.


There are few of the top companies which provides amazing e-cards to embrace the occasion.


e-cards are now widely used all around the world to express the feelings for some special event to special persons. Read about top 5 companies to get own e-card.

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