The best whiteboard animation company

The best whiteboard animation company- How to narrow down your search

Whiteboard explainer videos are the hand drawn animated videos that are easily erased from the board. These videos are famous for their simplicity and creative way of explaining the minute details of a product and services. When search for the best whiteboard animation company, there are several things to take into consideration:

  • Are they offering different animation art styles?
  • Is the quality that is being offered compatible with the requirements of your business?
  • Are the videos of their previous portfolio creative and attention grabbing?
  • Did you retain or learn information after watching?
  • Is the price range suitable in comparison to the services?
  • Does the team have all the required members? i.e scriptwriters, producers, directors, graphic designers, art designers and video makers?
  • Do they make internet marketing oriented videos?

Once decided, there are right now three types of the best whiteboard animation company you will find; High priced animation video companies, mid-range and low priced. Following are the best from all the three types:

The best whiteboard animation company
The best whiteboard animation company

High-priced Whiteboard Video animation companies

If you money is not a constraint, then the best whiteboard animated video company right now is Ydraw. Ydraw is famous for their artwork and creative visual.

The price range of a good quality high visual video would be around $6500, for a video of more than one minute. It will include colors, graphic images and much more.

If the price sounds too high, the company also offers white label animation videos that are comparatively less expensive. This kind however would not look much unique and solely a property of your business.

Mid-Priced Whiteboard Video companies

For a medium price range, the best of all is Cartoon Media. Cartoon Media is regarded as the best animation video makers with a price range of about $2000 for a minute. These videos are full animation and full color in vector graphics. The team includes professional script and story writers.

They take into account the details of your business, products and services and incorporate them in the videos in the best way possible.

The professional cartoonists will creative top quality vector images that will bring the story of your business to life.

Best of all, there is a guarantee of “corrections” in case the client is not satisfied with the video. The changes will be made as per the demands of clients.

Low-Priced Whiteboard Video companies

To have a budget of less than $1000 is always a risk. Selecting low budget companies is difficult as there are always less reviews and feedback’s relating to their services and authenticity.

Most Whiteboard companies of low budget work are project based. The quality and high performing graphics can never be promised.

However, if unfortunately budget is a constraint, always take into consideration the following:

  • Portfolio of previous projects
  • Right of your video
  • Types of graphics that will be used
  • Whether or not they have scriptwriters
  • If they will make corrections to the videos for their mistakes
  • What are the services that will be offered in the given price range
  • Do they have previous experience as whiteboard animation video company?
  • What are the guarantees they offer?
  • How long will then video be?

Some sample are here:


For low budget, there is never one The best whiteboard animation company that can be recommended. There are generally several companies listed down and the only way to recommend is by reading reviews and having a look of their previously made videos.

Tip: Avoid companies that offer too many services in less than $799.



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