Refund Policy

We have a short and clear-cut Refund Policy.
Effective Date: 16 Aug 2016

If you have signed the contract/agreement and sent 50% payment. But, after sending the 50% payment, the next day you realized that you don’t want to work for any reason and you change your mind or your project will not be ready or cancel it whatever the reason is, in that case, we will refund only 30% out of 50% payment.

This refund Policy is applicable only in the next 24 hours.

A full refund will NOT  be possible.

Or if you inform us after 4-5 days that you don’t want the video for any reason, in that case, the given advance will not be refundable because we have already started the work on it.

If you want to get your refund after making a full video, it is not possible at all and even no one will do it. because we have a clear-cut policy we give our clients regular updates (step-by-step) so that they can know what is going on with their project so the end of the day they get the video as per their expectations.

And if after getting the video they ask for a refund it is not possible at all because at that time we have put our whole efforts and time. No matter they are satisfied or not as we will give them regular updates (step-by-step) so the client should inform us immediately regarding any changes/modifications.

Note: In a special case If you want 10 videos and you send 50% advance and now after some days you realize that you want only 5 videos instead of 10 videos in that case we will charge only for 5 videos. But this is possible only because we have not started the work on the remaining 5 videos. It is situational so in that case it is good if you email us at:

Our Main Focus is on Client Satisfaction and we are clear-cut with our policy and our all policies are made keeping in view the clients’ benefit whether it is a Privacy policy, Refund Policy, or Terms & Conditions.

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