Productive explainer video Agencies in India

Productive explainer video Agencies in India

It has been only 9 years since the time when the world saw its first professional explainer video which was created by a company called Common Craft. The video was developed for micro blogging giant Twitter. The video used the simple concept of brain science and elaborated how to use Twitter.

The video became so popular that everyone liked it and got more than 10 million hits. Since the timeline, the concept of explainer video became very popular among all the enterprises, companies and start ups and it became their primary tool for marketing and the enhanced use of it helped them in getting more potential customers.

An effective explainer video uses both visual and auditory senses thus making it more interesting and helps in engaging a huge audience and getting more conversions for the companies.

The fact which makes explainer video better than the traditional videos is that they are short, fun and informative and catches the attention of the user.

To create a high quality animated explainer video, the task goes through 6 stages and once all these stages are accomplished one by one, the produced output is amazing.

The six stages are:

Stage 1 – Research and Scripting
Stage 2 – Style and Illustration
Stage 3 – Storyboarding
Stage 4 – Voiceover
Stage 5 – Animation
Stage 6 – Sound Effects and Music

Although the arena of explainer video is not even a decade old but it need to travel a lot of journey to establish its path in India.

In India, brands have started using it to boost their brand and business, but majority of the companies still prefer the traditional concept over it.

Some of the productive explainer video production houses in India are:

  1. Again Studio –

When it comes to the most trusted production house for the explainer videos, the first name that strikes in the mind is Again Studios. A company which has even accomplished a project for Google have created some really beautiful and eye catching explainer videos till date. Their videos are so interesting that it attracts the viewer to share it with other people thus helping it becoming viral online. They have even got some NGO’s as their clients and for them, they have successfully accomplished amazing tasks.

Headquartered in India, the company has got its one of the office in USA. They have got a small team of highly enthusiast people who are ready for all kinds of challenges and bring out a creative idea every time.

Connect to Again Studio-
1265, Kamla Nagar, Kalka
Panchkula – 133302,
+91 98693 11788

  1. 75 Seconds –

After Again Studios in India, 75 Seconds have also done some of the most amazing and mind blowing projects in explainer videos and done wonders for their clients. Till now, they have created more than 150 animated explainer videos and are growing at an exponential rate. 75 seconds got into this business by accident and then remained on to it. The company was incorporated in India and now have got their offices in USA and Europe too, which is a great achievement for them.

One of the best attribute for 75 Seconds is that they do unlimited revisions for their project until their client gets the satisfaction and they finish their project within the allotted deadline.

Connect to 75 Seconds –

40/231, LGF
C.R. Park, New Delhi
+91 – 9810970200

The explainer video domain has got a golden scope in Indian market and will grow a lot in coming years with initiatives like Digital India and Start Up India – Stand Up India. Productive explainer video Agencies in India.

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