Mobile app explainer video company in Dubai

Mobile app explainer video company in Dubai


The phrase ‘mobile app’ is widely used in today’s business world as almost every business uses mobile apps for their portals. Mobile app is the short form of ‘mobile applications.’ The user needs to have a smartphone or tablet to use it. There are many reasons why mobile apps have become very popular. Mobile app explainer video company in dubai.

Lesser expensive than maintaining a web portal

Most of the companies prefer their customers to place their orders through mobile apps compared to their portals as it is cheaper for them to maintain mobile app servers. Android OS or iOS are the most popular platforms for launching a mobile app. Even google playstore is an important platform where mobile apps are launched.

Apple uses Objective-C as the programming language and Android and Blackberry most of the time use java. Windows phone uses C# as a programming language and it is very easy to develop a mobile app. Most of the time one web developer can build a mobile app.

Animated mobile app explainer video company in dubai.

Convenient for the user

Let’s take an example of a pizza delivery business. If you have an easy to download app, the customer can download it on his/her phone and use it while travelling or from anywhere. S/he does not need a computer to login to your web portal to order the pizza anymore. This increases business for your store.

Let’s understand the concepts of marketing mobile app through explainer video

Explainer videos use dynamic images and are very effective in the world of sales and marketing. Mobile app explainer videoscan help the customer to understand the app easily and how it can be used.If you check YouTube, you will see that there are many explainer videos which are created only to explain the functionality of an app and how to use it.

Animated mobile app videoslook very appealing and instantly catch the attention of the buyer.If the explainer video is appealing, the prospective customer often downloads the app to check the functionality. And you can easily get instant business through that.

Explainer videos to be used to market mobile apps

Mobile app explainer video
Mobile app explainer video

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you decide to market your mobile app through explainer videos.

Crisp and to the point

If you have a good app, then it should be user friendly and the user needs not go through every step on the explainer video to use it. Hence your explainer video should be to the point and talk about the most important features of your mobile app. If you are a mobile app animation video company, then help your clients to increase their business by creating simple and effective explainer videos.

Not too long

People lose interest if the video is too long. An ideal explainer video should not be longer than 3 minutes. So put all the important features in yourmobile app explainer videoand you may always top it up with another lengthier video if you want to explain every feature. If the customer needs more information, then s/he can click on the other video and have an idea of all the features.

Not very descriptive

They say use the KISS methodology- Keep it short and sweet. So do not try to stuff your animated mobile app videos with too much information. It often becomes overwhelming for the customer and they lose interest.

Touch of humour

Everyone loves humour. Hence if your mobile app explainer video has a touch of humour and the concepts are explained in a simple fashion, then the customers will love it.So the bottom line is it is advisable for every business in today’s world to develop a mobile app, and it is important for the business to market that app so that the customers use it for real. Explainer videos are very effective in marketing mobile apps like most of the ideas and concepts.


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