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Welcome to Exclusive Residence.

Since 1995, it has been our privilege to have designed and built some of Perth’s finest luxury custom homes.

With an impressive portfolio overseen by Master Builder John Douglas, Exclusive Residence enjoys a reputation as a trusted and established high-end luxury builder, known for consistently delivering quality, year in, year out.

Our reputation is widely acknowledged in the industry, demonstrated by numerous highly-acclaimed industry awards — our appetite for excellence continues to grow. Our 12-month guaranteed build is unprecedented, and only made possible because we chose to exclusively work on a handful of luxury homes at any one time.

We invite you to view our portfolio for inspiration, and to discover what can be achieved when nothing is off the table.

Talk to us about customising any of our past projects for your block or family. Or, go back to the drawing board and we can work together from a clean slate.

Exclusive is different

What separates Exclusive Residence from other custom builders in Perth? Three main things — virtual reality, start-to-finish experiences, and a guaranteed 12-month build.

12-month guarantee

A brand new home, with all the trimmings you’ve dreamt of, in 12 months or less — a true rarity with custom and luxury home builders in Perth.

Seamless start to finish process

Enjoy maximum confidence and peace of mind as we deliver unrivalled transparency through every part of the building process. 
Virtual reality

Much more than the standard VR experience, you can virtually walk through your home before the foundation has even been laid. 
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