Importance of Animated explainer videos company

Importance of  Animated explainer videos company

In the age of digital advertising, the concept of video marketing has evolved as one of the primary marketing technique which is used by the companies at a big scale.

The video marketing is the process of explaining the concept of a company with the help of a video. The video marketing concept has become popular with the reason because a video easily captures the attention of people.

The domain of video marketing is quite large and inculcates many styles in it such as 2D animation videos, explainer videos, live motion explainer videos, whiteboard animation videos and many more.

Out of all these, the explainer videos have become very popular and is used at a global level by the organizations.

An explainer video is a video which is short in duration and is used for the purpose of explaining the concept of a company to the people and promote the products cum services offered by them.

The average explainer video lasts for 90 to 120 seconds and serves the correct information to the user within the short span of time.

These videos work on the principle of brain science which explains that if the auditory and visual senses are integrated together in a single unit than the produced output becomes attracting and catches the attention of viewers easily.

That is the reason that explainer videos can easily engage a huge audience. These videos if made with using the tools and resources at an optimum level turns out to be very powerful medium for the companies and they can spread their message without any complications which they usually face with the traditional methods of marketing.

Animated explainer video company in India
Animated explainer video company in India

Let us look at some important points of explainer videos

  1. Conversion rate is increased by big margin

As far as an explainer video is concerned, one best thing which it brings to the business is that it engages the people to the company’s portal and enforces them to start a thread of conversions which leads to user engagement and more people come to know about it.

Also, the explainer videos clarifies all the doubts of the prospect related to the company and its concept which makes a better connection of the prospect with the company and gives them reason that why they should try the services of them.

In many studies, it has been revealed that on using effective explainer videos for the business, companies have experienced a conversion rate within the range of 10% to 60%, which is an astonishing figure.

Hence explainer videos increases the conversion rates at a large scale.

  1. Best describes the concept of the company

A long written article about the product cum services of the company does not interest the user and the written content often leads to misinterpretation which puts a negative impact on the image of the organization. This drawback is covered by the explainer videos in an awesome manner. They remove all the ambiguity present in the concept and serve simple and subtle solution to the user by eliminating all kind of complexities which increases the reliability factor of the brand.

  1. Search engine ranking is improved

This is one of the most crucial improvement which the explainer videos brings to the business. On using the explainer videos on the official website either on the home page of the landing page, many new people visits the website and the bounce rate is improved which makes the site better and their rankings in the search engine also improves a lot.

These are some of the key important factor of an explainer video. There are many other factors which makes the explainer videos really helpful for the growth of business which we will cover in the upcoming articles.

explainer videos are used as a primary tool to expand business and increase engaging online presence and the concept has turned out to be fruitful for them as it has been very productive for them by giving more conversions to their business

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