How to make video testimonials

How to make video testimonials

In the age of digital media and social media, the process of connection has become easy among people. With platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. it has really become bread and butter to be friend with someone and share valuable content with them.

Facebook, world’s largest social network has more than 1.6 billion users worldwide and its product Whatsapp is used by more than a billion people.

These platforms are also used by organization to get in touch with people and showcase their products and services to them and promote their concepts in order to get new customers.

One of the prime method which they use over the social media and their website is the video testimonials.

Video testimonials are those videos which are shoot with real people. These are the professional videos which includes the crew, a whole production process and the people in the video are the people who have actually used the concept of the company in their life.

These videos are meant to praise the organization and their products cum services which in return help the people who are willing to take the services from the company.

These videos are a big factor when the decision to buy comes. Hence it becomes necessary to utilize to praise the customers for the growth of business. A website and a social media profile with many testimonial videos will bring many new leads and get more sales than a website which don’t have any testimonial video.

In a study made by a university claims that almost 79% of people trust the video reviews as a recommendation from their friends and family and then make the sale.

Hence it is essential to make a powerful testimonial video for your business as it will help in growing it and taking it new level. Let us read some of the points which will help in creating the testimonial video.

How to make the testimonial video

  1. The camera

It is important to have a high definition camera and it should be in the landscape mode while shooting. The wider screen increase the density and makes it clear to watch the things.

Also it is important to keep the device steady while shooting and a tripod stand can be used for this. If you are using an Apple device for the shooting, the FilmicPro is the best app to use which makes setting automatically.

  1. Location

The location should be soothing. Natural lights must be used and the quite space will remove all the distractions. Turn off all the noise making equipment during the shoot and lights is an important factor.

  1. Sound

The best choice to record the video with the best sound quality and best audio is by having an external microphone. iCast Microphone by Apple is one of the best choice for this. It is simple to use, plug it into the device and then you are ready to record.

It is need to make sure that the speaker is close to the microphone to get the efficiency from the it and a better audio quality. Make the video more personable.

  1. The Interview

The storyline of any testimonial video is very simple. It’s just the “before” and “after” story of the journey of the speaker and how it changed the life. It is important to make the speaker comfortable. Don’t get too elaborated with the story and keep it straight and simple. Ask the real life questions and avoid controversial statements.

If all these points are considered, only then an amazing testimonial video can be made.

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