How to make e-card free

How to make e-card free

As the world is getting digital and technically smart, the medium to live and lead the life has changed dramatically. It is true that the smart phone has become one of the best friend of the human and social network is the new hub to meet and interact with fellow friends.

One more thing which is worth highlighting in the digital arena is the e-cards.

An e-card is a type of greeting card which is made digitally and is accessed by the user either using a hyperlink or an image. These are used on special occasions, events and festivals and created and customized using website or tools and sent through the internet itself.

The customizations includes various kinds of backgrounds and text fonts. It also integrates creative writing, cartoon style animations, graphical images, videos and even music are embedded into them to make them look compelling.

The e-card is also termed as an i-card, digital postcard, cyber greeting card, virtual card and even a digital greeting card.

Designing an e-card

It is very simple and easy to create an e-card. There are many online websites, tools and software available using which a digital card can be easily created.

  1. Use an image –

The images used in an e-card are the compelling part of them. In an e-card, own images can be uploaded or can be chosen from stock pictures or can be downloaded using Google images.

  1. Use Amazing Fonts

An e-card is always incomplete without text message in the form of a caption or tagline. It can be written using font sets of many styles. There are more than 200 styles of fonts are available.

  1. Attracting Background

The background of the virtual card can be selected from the gallery or can be downloaded from the google images.

  1. Modify the Colors

The color can be upgraded using color box to add flair to them. The text box color can also be changed to make them look attracting.

  1. Save the e-card

Once all the above steps are completed, the e-card can either be saved or can be mailed directly to the recipient to fulfill the purpose for which it has been created.


The online created e-card can be printed as well and placed on manual locations according to the requirement.


The concept of online greeting cards was first seen back in 1994 when Judith Donath created one at the MIT media labs. They were created using the website the Electronic Postcard. The concept got instant attraction among the people and within few weeks, the creation of the e-cards reached in thousand.

During the Christmas in 1996, a total of 19,000 e-cards were sent using internet and the number increased to an astonishing figure of 1.7 million a year later.


The first company to work in this domain professionally was Blue Mountain which was started in 1997 itself. The company saw many heights of success. Blue Mountain was sold to a company called Excite@Home in 1999 at a whooping price of $780 million. However, there was a twist in the tale and Excite@Home went bankrupt and the organization was sold to American Greetings for $35 million.


Over the past many years, the online greeting cards have experienced many changes in them and became better with the passage of time.


There are many advantages of using e-cards such as they saves the hard paper and are economical as well. Also, they can be sent to multiple at a time and are environment friendly as well.


An e-card is a digital greeting card which is used to send to friends and family and can be easily made using software, tools and websites.

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