How to edit a video online

How to edit a video online

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Video editing is an art. Video editing is tough to learn but those who have interest in arts and those who are passionate about video editing; they become masters of video editing by practicing it until they get a good hand at it. If you are too good at video editing, then you can make it your career and get good money from it. Video editing has a great scope in near future as well.

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People are not only passionate about video editing because it has opened new carrier opportunities these days, but also because video editing, if done properly, can take your video to another level. Some mistakes occurred during shooting can be easily cut short by video editing and your video can be made perfect and eye-catching,

But how to perform video editing? There are many applications which enable you to perform video editing online as well as offline. Let us first start from the offline version.

I am sure you all might have heard the name of Adobe Photoshop. This is a powerful tool which is the brahmastra for the people engaged in editing field. Many of us might have done editing at various platforms like MS-Paint, and Photoshop etc. Nowadays, there is a huge trend of selfies and picture uploads on various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Everyone wants to look the best in those photographs. For this, many of them do editing. Nowadays, editing has become easy by the use of various mobile phone applications and these applications are so good that you can make your photo better than before in a wink of seconds. Apart from that, the king which has ruled the world of photo editing is Photoshop. There are many features and tools available in Photoshop by which you can enhance your photograph. You can even perform cropping and place your photo somewhere else such that the people viewing your photo will not be able to recognize whether the photograph is real or it is photoshopped.

How to edit a video online

How to edit a video online
How to edit a video online

Thus, these are the powerful tools for editing. Another name comes into my mind when talking about editing. And this is none other than After Effects.
And when talking about after effects, the only name which everyone will be familiar of is Adobe After Effects.

After effects is an awesome application through which we can enhance our video quality by using visual effects, motion graphics etc. This application is mostly used in the field of film making. After effects is a wonderful application which can be applied in tracking, compositing, adding animations, keying etc.

Other functions which come in mind when talking about after effects is that it can also be used for three important applications. It can be used as an audio editor, as a media transcoder and as a basic non linear editor.

Now coming to online version, you can perform all these features with the online mode too. You just need to upload your video on the particular site and then you can perform video editing as per your requirements. There are many websites which give a platform to do online video editing through which you can cut your video, crop it, trim it, change the formatting, and rotate it and many other features which can enhance the quality of your video. All these features can be used with a guarantee of security. Some top websites which provide online video editing are:

  4. WIDEO
  11. Explainer videos
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