How the explainer video helps in video marketing

How the explainer video helps in video marketing

In today’s time of Internet,  how the explainer video helps in video marketing.

The time is changing at a fast pace and things are changing drastically. The 21st century is predicted as the century of the digital world. Today, almost one third of the world’s population are using internet in one way or another and thousands of people are coming online for the first time.

The internet has evolved as one of the biggest platform where people come and connect with fellow people and the best part is, it is not restricted by any boundaries.

Thus this platform of internet has turned up as a wonderful source for companies to promote their business to find new customers and increase the awareness of their brand.

how the explainer video helps in video marketing.
how the explainer video helps in video marketing.

The marketing strategies of companies have changed a lot in the last many years. Almost all companies – small or big have eliminated the traditional concepts of advertisement from their campaign and are now using the advanced methods of internet marketing and video marketing.

He video marketing is the process in which the concept of the company is promoted through a video and the products and services are shown to people in the form of a compelling video. The best part about these videos are that they are short in length and serves the correct message straight away.

The video marketing inculcates many styles in them such as explainer videos, whiteboard animated videos, 2D animated videos, stop motion explainer videos and many more.

Out of the video marketing domain, explainer videos are the widely used as they are easy to design and attracts lots of viewers. These videos have got the ability to engage a huge audience with ease and many studies shows that if the explainer videos are used with effectiveness, they boosts the sales of the company by a margin of 10% to 50%.


The use of explainer videos in the today’s world of internet is considered to be a wise decision as it opens a lot of scope for companies to reach to more people and find potential customers in them.

How explainer videos are best in today’s world

  1. Traffic Can be targeted from social media

Today, almost 1.8 billion people are active on social media. Facebook alone has 1.6 billion active users each month. Thus, the social media is the best platform to reach to people and can be used as a source to increase the awareness of the brand.

The explainer videos can be easily uploaded on the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp. The best part about these social media is that if a particular user finds something interesting, the probability of its sharing increases by 90% and thus the content ends up getting viral.

Once the video is uploaded on the social media, not only  the user finds valuable information about the company but with the help of call to action used by the organization, they lands up on the home page of the company’s website and finds the actual purpose of the company and connects them in a better way.


  1. Boost in the search engine rankings

According to the latest algorithm of Google, the websites with plain content only does not rank well in the search engine results as they are not engaging and visitors find them boring as well. That is why the explainer videos finds their rankings in the top search results of the Google. One of the reason is that they engage huge audience and thus have a better bounce rate.


This is why using an explainer video at present is the best idea to promote the services and products of the company.


The explainer videos are best used to promote the concept of the company among people and it is one of the best thing to do as majority of the people uses internet hence it becomes easy to promote the concept among them and get more sales.

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